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question 24 pin y cable


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sory can anyone help me about the consistency if i use 1 psu for 2 pc system?


i'm planning to build 2 pc ..1 for games ( single gpu gtx750ti ) and the second for multimedia pc ( without gpu card )

i've read few forum that it can be done with a single psu using 24pin y splitter

i'm planning to use my corsair RMX850 for this..is it safe for me to do this kind of settup?



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i'm planning to use only one pc case in my room ( 2 cases too crowded for my small room)..i know there are few chasis out there that can occupied 2 motherboard...why do i need 2 systems? couse right now my pc act like a server for 24/7 diskless system also..and i also what to be able to play game in my room without compromising my server


and RMX850 watts it kind a waste of power for 1 entrylevel gaming pc

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