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Ive never had more trouble with a mouse than i do with my corsair scimitar


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Man i love this mouse, its so great, it feels amazing, and performs well, but damn does it have its issues.


after long hours of gaming. the mouse will suddenly stop working.


the cursor gets all laggy and none of the buttons work including Left and right click. the only way to fix it is by unplugging and plugging it back in.


I also have countless issues with the profiles not working. I have my mouse setup so keys 1-10 correspond with 1-0 on my keyboard. however it will randomly not work and i will be in-game trying to spam items binded to "3" or something and it just wont work.



is there any way to fix these bugs at the moment?

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Please fillout your system specs.



It sounds like you are on the old firmware. FW 2.01 should resolve it (Laggy mouse due to LED effects failing to update) but be sure you are not running a X58 chipset system as there is a known issue that prevents the mouse from working on it.



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