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H100iGTX fans will not stay at a constant speed


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My newly installed H100iGTX rad will not do as its told. I have the fan profile set to custom and the fans on 100% from 20 - 93 degrees and it is still osccillating the fans from 2580 to 2700 rpm.


The temperature of the radiator is a pretty constant 26.9 degrees . The CPU package temp is wandering by 10 degrees up and down. My confusion is that setting a fan profile in a flat line at max is not keeping the fans from spinning up and down.



Obviously this fan profile is for testing and to prove a point but no matter what I set the fans will not stop wandering around. If I use a standard fan profile like quiet, it still wanders around. It is very annoying as the fans are not that quiet. Interesting if I shutdown the LINK software the fan oscillating stops and they are on a constant speed.



I have checked my ASUS bios and Fan Q control is set to off. If this is relavent im unsure but I tried it both ways.



Thanks for any help you can give, Paul



H100iGTX firmware ver

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20-93C range? By chance, are you trying to set fan speed in accordance with CPU temperature? On the GTX it must be set to water temperature (H100iGTX Cooler Temp). Also, make sure you place the fans and pump into the H100i GTX cooler "group" on the groups tab.


Thanks for the reply c-attack


The temperature range I quoted is the minimum and maximum I can set in the fan profile. Like I said it is not a real world setting, but just set for diagnostic reasons to see if the fans would spin up and down when I have effectively told them to run at 100% at all temps permanently. So no curve, a flatline.


I only Corsair cooling unit I have is the H100iGTX so that is the only this I have a fan profile for which is in the H100iGTX Temp group. No other fan profile is available.


I understand that you say the fans are monitoring the water temperature and this is what is firing the fans. This still does not change the fact that my fans keep spinning up and down 350 rpm when the radiator temperature is not moving at all. In fact it should be even more solid.


Something is not quite right, which is a shame as I am very impressed with the job that the H100 is doing.


So I still do not understand :( <------ face of a man with he daily headaches after 3 weeks stress of major Hardware and software upgrades!

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Since the GTX cannot regulate based on CPU temperature, an attempt to do so might cause the fans to fluctuate as you described. The software is supposed to prevent you from linking fan speed to CPU temps on that model, but I don't use it and can't predict what would happen if you tried.


Perhaps it doesn't like the extreme range of your custom curve. Put it back into either standard, quiet, or performance mode and stay on the desktop. Hopefully, that will also keep the water temperature stable. Do the fans still fluctuate? If yes, then it sounds like a faulty controller and you should return/RMA the unit. If no, then we need to look at the custom curve profile and perhaps try something more traditional. There may be some programming parameters we are not aware of. I have not used the version 4 of LINK. If it still has a "fixed" speed option (either by rpm or %), try that and compare.

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Not sure if I missed it, but do you have the fan connected to the MB? or the connectors built in to the pump? You've mentioned that no matter what profile you set in Corsair link, the fan would still ramp up and down regardless if the system is under load or not. I'm just wondering if you have them plugged to one of the fan header on the MB.
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