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Consistent CUE Crash


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So last night after I got me new K70 and SABRE hooked up I created a profile for Farcry 4. Everything worked great last night and I was super pleased. Custom light mapping for my hotkeys, and some custom bound "typing keys" on the mouse.


Today I noticed that the typing key mappings on the mouse were not working. In CUE, nothing has changed. I tried adding the same key mappings to the default profile in order to verify that it wasn't just something odd with my Farcry specific profile. No dice with that. No input registered.


Then I noticed that when I attempted to remap any of the buttons (4, 5, and 8 in particular) CUE would immediately hang and had to be restarted before any of the lighting effects would work again.


I tried searching, but can't seem to find anyone with a similar issue. Is there something I'm doing wrong?


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May be something to do with automatic profile switching.


You can try setting the profile as default in CUE or right click the notifications icon and manually select the profile. Does it resolve the issue?


It did not. Problem persisted until I reinstalled the CUE software, but it seems to be holding steady this time.


Now I've got a new problem.


Every time I wake the computer from sleep the mouse has a different DPI setting (color indication and the mouse changes speed). That's probably just as frustrating if not more. Any ideas on this one?

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do you notice a pattern or is it just random?


So after some convenient testing today, it does appear at least a little random. I've come back to the computer and it's been at both 800 and 3000 DPI (I haven't touched the defaults), but is usually at 1500. No one else is touching the mouse, so it has to be doing it on its own. It does appear the light on the mouse correlates to the DPI correctly prior to waking the computer up.

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