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recommend 875P motherboard +VERY reliable 4 sticks ECC unbuffered - is that possible?

jason decwest

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Some have said that in order to run 4 memory sticks you need:

* very tight tolerance/timing [especially for un-registered memory]

* maybe a bump in voltage is needed [helps accent the +(i.e. 1) or -(i.e. 0) logic values


Not planning to overclock. But want 2Gig ECC [ seems that I might have

to get 4 sticks of 512M since there is no 1G ECC un-registered]


I'm a little concerned since that seems not as easy to pull off timing all

four modules in sync.


2 motherboards I had considered were: ASUS P4C800-E or Supermicro server

class on the cheap P4SCT. Both use the 875p or its brother the E7210.

(Oh: on the ASUS P4C800-E its aimed at "enthusists" that overclock so you

can bump up the voltage over V2.6. Supermicro disables that and hopes

to run things stable (fine w/ me) but I would have liked to "help" the

4 sticks run reliably by bumping to V2.75)


I'm in search of a good board to run ECC, be rock stable, and hold Northwood 3.2C processors. I don't want the Prescott and just bought three 3.2c's for

the three servers. [i am trying to buy the memory and motherboards].


Here is a posting that shows the kind of timing problems I'd hate to have

happen to me.


(thread : Gigabyte 875P chipset MBs with XMS3200LL )



Any help would be helpful.


-Thanks, Jason

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Well, I can’t really specify one MB maker over another, I would ask some of the forum users for their input. I know there are a few that have run 4 modules on different MB's but we officially would not support it. You might look for Specmike or Gorganzola or ST_Trooper are a few who have run 4 modules.
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