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XMS Memory and Compal CL56 notebook compatibility issues?


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I am the owner of a high-end laptop store http://www.discountlaptops.com


We resell ChemUSA laptops made by ASUS and Compal.


We have been using Corsair memory, but lately we have been hearing reports of relibiity issues that seem to be related to memory compatibility.


Here is the model with the most problems:


Chembook 2056 (Compal CL-56)



This is a VERY reliable system, but seems to be failing as of late with Corsair memory.


Compal 2060 (ASUS M6ne)



We are usng the following memory:

part # is CMXSD512-2700LL, 0437005-1.

chip set is 64M8-5, IN1100436


Does anyone here know of issues with this memory? We can also use APACER memory and have almost no problems at all, but for our gaming user, they can calling for Corsair. And now we are seeing problems.


Any help woiuld be great.


I have a call in to support but no return call yet.


Matt Richards


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  • Corsair Employee


There are no issues that I am aware of, perhaps you could call us at 888-222-4346 and ask for the Ram Guy. I would like to get more information about the problem you see and maybe try some things to solve this.

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