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xms 3700 compatible with ASUS p4p800 mb


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Help- ASUS P4p800 deluxe mb- xms 3700v1.1- 9600 all in wonder- Tried putting my mb in turbo and crashed mb. Tried using my cd to reinstall bios, but bad checksum error still. Please Help :[pouts:

Don't use the turbo. All it does is interfere with the latencies on the RAM and any manual settings you may have made. The PC3700 is fast but will ONLY run with the timings at 3,4,4,8. However, it will typically OC pretty well (no guarantees) so you could try increasing the FSB manually if you want more speed. Also, on the CPU settings, set the Performance Acceleration Mode to Standard. This is another turbo type deal that needs to be ignored.



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