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I would love to see one feature for fan control.


Till now, you can have one temperature to set a specific fan curve. Like water temp for the radiator fans. But if i have a high gpu load, the fans will not spin up.


I would love to have the option to use two fan curves for one fan. as example, one curve used for water temp and one for gpu temp. the fan shopould now follow both curves so the can spin up when either the gpu temp rises first or the water temp.


This would be helpful that no component can reach a critical temp.

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I own a Commander Pro (and lights) and using iCue to control all fans in my PC.


I've made a dashboard in which I can see almost everything going on, that is CPU load/temp/fan/pump, as well as GPU temp/fans/pumps and case temp/fans.



However I'm missing GPU load. Would it be possible to add that as an option? We get the Gfx card temp/fan, but no load? And why not CPU/GPU frequencies?



Also, I'd like to merge a couple of indicators into one (new or existing) group. Groups like those created when adding the commander pro or system information.


For exemple, it'd be nice to be able to create a group with CPU Load (taken from CPU group), CPU Fan (from Commander Pro), and CPU Pump (from MB group).



Last but not least, I have 5 FAN header already occupied on the commander pro, and 2 extra pumps (soon to be 3), so I can't plug them on the commander Pro, thus I have to keep SpeedFAN to control them. How sad.


Would it be possible to control all fan cases, those listed by iCue? i'm pretty sure it will be very easy to add.



Sorry if all have been asked already.


PS: Does it really help to post feature request here or should I post a new thread?

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Please add the 2 macros simultaneously feature.


All others gaming software/hardware in market have this feature by default! Why CUE/Corsair can't?


All of my followers don't want to buy corsair because of that feature is missed in corsair devices, some people have contacted me to complain, because I have indicated corsair products, but i did not warn of that detail.


Please help me.:[pouts:

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Hey, I'm wondering if you guys could create a new macro feature; that returns the mouse cursor position to where it was at the time the key is pressed.

I have lots of macros using absolute cursor position movements, but when using them, it makes the mouse jump to that other spot. So I make the macro return the mouse to the middle of the screen, but it's so fast that it looks glitchy, and I also have to put the cursor back to wherever I was using it.


So this new macro would work by dividing it into two commands, the first part would be 'remember mouse position', and that would place itself at the beginning of the macro command line.

The second part would be 'return mouse position to remembered position', and that would place itself at the end of the macro command line. Kind of like 'save state, load state'.


This feature would be fantastic. Thanks, guys. :)

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Hey, could you guys make a feature that the user can define keys that default to on or off, according to the launch of a profile?


One profile I use, I always have caps lock on, scroll lock off and numb lock off. And sometimes I forget to do these things, then something messes up and it gets frustrating. This new feature would be great, thanks.

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Hey, instead of the brightness buttons on the keyboards being hardcoded to cycle four different settings, could you let the user change it to an on/off switch?


Can't say for other people, but I only use two settings. Dim, and off.

So I have to push the key three times, each time I want to turn the lights on or off; instead of just once. A simple on/off button would be ideal. But let the user define the brightness for the 'on' toggle. Thanks guys.

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Please remove the minimum window size or allow the dashboard to be separated out from the main window and placed on smaller screens.


This would be great for doing mods with case mounted small screens or for placing on secondary/tertiary monitors.

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Could we get the ability to send from the keyboard Unicode keys? This would be particularly useful for those of us using things like the K95 RGB for doing work in Classical Languages.


The Corsair keyboards are programmable, so you can unplug the keyboard from your home computer and plug it in at a gaming competition machine. In order for this to work, the USB keyboards must follow the USB specification, specifically, Chapter 10 on Keyboard (page 253).


There are 231 defined keys, and a total of 65535, if you include the reserved ones. iCUE lets you rebind different physical keys to act like different defined keyboard keys. Note that Unicode comprises 1.1 million code points -- there simply is no way to even specify that a keyboard key should be like a key labelled with an arbitrary glyph in Unicode.


There are, however, workarounds. You can use iCUE to define each key in a profile to send a particular string, and that string can be copy/pasted from Character Map or BabelMap or any other source, and pasted into the TEXT definition for the key, which you would use in iCue in lieu of macro recording.

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