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Corsair 400r led issues


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I am unable to toggle the led's using the button on the front - they are on all the time. Corsair indicated they will just send a replacement part, but I'm wondering if it could be a wiring error on my part.


Two questions:


1)Which wires should I double check from the front panel that might be the problem with the LED toggle switch?


2) Can I just "unplug" the front led somewhere as I really don't want the lights? I did turn off the hard disk led by unplugging it from the motherboard and I tried unplugging the pled + and pled - but the lights stayed on.


Corsair 400R on Asus z97-A keyboard

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Only the stock fans upport the L.E.D. on/off feature. I think its only the 3-pin plug that should be plugged into the front panel cables.


2. Unfortunately, you cannot "unplug" the L.E.D. wires from the fan. It's either cutting the L.E.D. wires or using a permanent marker to take out most of the light should help.

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