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Brightness/Windows lock key not changing color


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Are you wanting to change the color depending which mode the button is in? (Brightness level, win lock on or off etc.) If you want to do this you will need to right click on the button and click indicator which will allow you to change the different modes lighting. I would assume the indicator lighting is currently set to white and is over-riding the per key lighting modes.
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Same problem here....Tried but not fixed... left click to highlight key, left click and in list pick "Edit Light" (it works different for the windows and Brightness key) Brightness key has 3 brightness settings. If you just coloring the keys left click on the white box and pick your color, do for all 3 brightness settings, don't change the slider unless you want to. click "OK" and "OK" to close the box. For the Window key there is just one box, changed the same way.


I thought this fixed it but now all color profiles use the color you pick..ie: if you set it to blue and have a all green color keys profile the win and brightness keys will be blue. :(


FIXED >>>>>

Oh, I solved it!


Right click the keys, choose Clear, and then you can change their color just like any other key. Hopefully this info will help someone else, too.

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Can you guys please explain the fix? can you please show some screenshots?


I tried the right clicking and clicking "clear" (option only available in the "assignment" tab).


Under the "Lighting" tab, the only options are on the attachment.


As you can see I selected the keys to be yellow, but the are still white...


I downloaded the Knight Rider profile and I can see the win lock and brightness keys turn red as excepted.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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