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  1. You should be more specific... IDK, hard disk led?
  2. CPU usage at 15-16% here. Visor effect on Ligthning Node Pro broken.
  3. Yes, same for me. In particular booting to a non admin account, then switching out, then logging to an admin account.
  4. It seems tha same sync problem I posted...
  5. First, suggestion: in configuration for Lightning Node Pro, when choosing number of fans connected the text is: X Fan(s) is (are) connected. I suggest: X Fan(s) connected. Issue since old CUE: I have 2 user accounts in my pc, one admin and one guest. Cold boot, login to guest account, logout, login to admin account. K70 Rapidfire is not detected; no problem if I login to admin account first.
  6. Visor for all three fans. EDIT: it seems that just opening CUE from the bar messes up illuminations.
  7. Update 2: for some strange issue one of the fans keeps going out of syncronization.
  8. Solved, restart syncronize fans. I suggest to restart all device illumination on modifying one; another suggestion is to add save in device memory even for Lightning Node Pro, not only in keyboard.
  9. How can I syncronize 3 differernt RGB fans connected to same channel? I create a profile with 3 different illuminations for every fan, all the same, but second one has revesed effect. Select all of 3 in one illumination, makes them sequential. Thanks
  10. I still says that's CUE related, with CUE off, no flickering.
  11. I decided to ask for replacement as I bought from Amazon. The second keycaps set is even worse, with the E and R keys clearly deformed. It seems that these 2 letters are the most defective. Now, I'm unsure if ask for another replacement...
  12. Thanks, but I will not submit any ticket, as for Italy shipping in EU is really expensive (I shipped back a dvd box to Amazon UK today, it costed 20€ for standard shipping), I can live with the issues. I'm just saying that a keycaps set with the price of a cheap mechanical keyboard should have better quality control. I've always been and I'll always be a Corsair fan.
  13. Obviously the keys were like that as came out of box, and were cleaned before taking photos... They look like the keys have been "heated" too much. The photo exalt the effect.
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