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Dead PC2700XMS


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I was working on my computer earlier today and all of a sudden it just shutdown. This has never happened before except when power goes out. I checked for loose power connections and repowered the computer and all i can here are a series of beeps.


I called a friend of mine that is computer savvy. He opened up the computer and checked the wires. Everything looks good. He checked to see if the CPU is making good contact with the heatsink and fan. But still getting a series of beeps when power is turned on. He re-seat the video card and still beeps and no picture on the monitor. He moved the memory to the second slot and same series of beeps.


He went home to get his spare 512MB DDR memory and replaced my memory. It beeped once and the computer booted WindowsXP. He replaced his memory from slot1 to slot2 and it booted. He looked at my memory and said that looks like there is something that is burnt on the edges of the memory --- the contact points.


Help. Memory module was purchased at Newegg.com early last year, 2003.

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