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No more 10 pins USB on motherboard.


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Ah right Internal USB Expansion.


What about Y spitter? 2 connectors in one as I only need one more - Will it work too?



Oh cool, so can I use the non-usb H80i fans or heatsink connect to Commander Mini with usb connected?

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I have only two MB USB 2.0 headers, used by the Commander and the H100i, so I got an "NZXT iU01 Internal USB Expander", which takes one Molex Power and one USB 2.0 header, but gives 3 USB 2.0 headers and 2 USB ports. It has a nice black power cable and black Molex socket. It is a small 1.25"x 4" board that comes with Velcro that I fastened below my MB above my AX860i PSU and looks like it is a part of my MB.
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