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  1. Once you have the keyboard programmed to your liking, you need to right-click on the "bars" to the right of your profile and: 1) "Save Profile to Device Memory, and 2) ensure "Set as Default Profile" is checked. The programming you have set will be there when you boot-up or re-log-in again. See attached picture.
  2. I am single and do not like it, that is why I am using my PCs most of day.
  3. The big holes for better air flow can bring dust into your PC. My 760T has the fine mesh on the front, but I found dust inside on my PSU, bottom plate and the drive cages, that I had to keep cleaning. I installed the complete 760T filter set and check every week and find absolutely no dust inside my PC; and it does not restrict my PC inflow. Every one should install a fine filter material that does not inhibit airflow to keep all dust out. Less dust = Longer component life. The best PC filters are specific to each PC Manufacturer and Case type. These filters are magnetic and are washable and all black): http://www.demcifilter.com/c221/OBSIDIAN-750D.aspx The next best is make your own with 3M magnetic/adhesive tape and the fan specific or buy the filter type material by the foot/yard (gray) http://www.purapc.com/store/index.html
  4. A different solution: I have a 760T and was not satisfied with the included mesh "filters" (grills with not very small openings). After my own attempt at making my own filters, I went more professional and bought a DEMCiflex "760T Fan Filter Set" that has six very black, very, very fine openings screens, and I really like it. One of the six replaces my PSU intake grill with a fine mesh screen. I put one on top of the front mesh grill of my case, and it filters finer particles without slowing intake velocity. They have a set for the 750D, and the one piece for your 750D front that magnetically sticks to your case. (If a case is not magnetic, they will supply adhesive strips) Check it out. The one piece for your case front is $15 US, at http://www.demcifilter.com/c221/OBSIDIAN-750D.aspx That has got to be cheaper ($ & time) than waiting for Corsair to make it, and this is a screen not a coarse mesh like the current case "filters".
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