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Broken USB Dongle for Corsair Vengeance 2100 Headset

Sir Kaffee

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So before I start I just want to make it clear that I know that I can place an RMA to get the product replaced but I have a question.


Anyways, I was on my laptop using my USB dongle (which I normally use at my desktop) for the headset because I had nothing else for audio at the time and I managed to drop the laptop, USB dongle and all, on the floor and it smacked head-on with the USB. The USB shell went completely off and what lay underneath was now propped up at a almost perfect 90 degree angle.


Of course, I did try to see if by some miracle the USB dongle was okay and I could continue using it but sadly it was not. :c


Now here's my question: I once put in an RMA before for this headset because of a very bad buzzing problem in my microphone whenever I would have it plugged in and charging. The RMA went through and the new headset ws perfect, had no complaints with it. Would I be able to put in another RMA and get a replacement dongle with my warranty, if it still even applies after the first RMA?


Thanks in advance for the help! Also, sorry if I put this in the wrong thread. This seemed like a good a place as any to post this

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