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Hi you experts!


Similar problem here. I've read all of the above (including the sticky), but I am not sure whether I can stop worrying so easily.


Here are my CrystalDiskInfo and Atto screenshots:




My case is a little different from Maeldor's case:

- The "SSD Life Left" actually does decrease (9% two hours ago, 7% now).

- My "Power On Count" and "Power On Hours" are accurate.


Now I wonder if 5163 hours with 1026 power-ons really indicate the end of my Force3 (120GB, firmware 5.02) lifespan. The SSD is generally working fine, although I do get system crashes once in a while when playing games, but I think this is due to the weak video card and some heat issues.


Help would be appreciated! :)


Thanks & best regards!

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OK, done! Firmware now at 5.07.


Here are the new screenshots:




"Life left" at 6. While booting, I also get the message "S.M.A.R.T. Status Bad. Backup and Replace." (from my BIOS, I assume) - really not sure what I should do about it.


Thanks a lot so far! Let's hope we can solve this somehow...

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Remember to properly back up though. You should always have three copies of your sensitive files and at least one of those needs to be off site. So, you should have your original on your main drive, a back up on another drive and one on a usb drive or DVD drive or however you want to save your data off site.
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