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RAM pins slightly discolored


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Greetings Corsairians :):


I recently had to disassemble my pc due to a failure to POST (a progressive problem that finally rendered my system unable to power on last week... for simplicity's sake the problem is detailed in THIS LINK). Upon removing the ram (4x4 Corsair Dominator GT 2133 CL9 1.5v), one of the modules' pins were slightly discolored (image below... the contrast/resolution isn't great, I took the pic with my phone. If more detail is needed for a diagnosis I can take a hi res pic with my camera). The discoloration is only on this module (the other 3 look shiney as new), and it's localized to just the top half of this module.


I'm not aware of any power surges or overheating. It's been set conservatively to XMP specs for several months, and never past 2400 @ 1.58v. The last time I tested it (~3 months ago) it cleared multiple passes in Memtest86 without error. I can't think of any reason it should have overheated, failed, or had a power surge since then, but I don't know what else would account for this discoloration? I'm not well versed in the physical attributes of ram, I've always just seated it and not thought about it beyond that - this is the first time I've seen something like this. I know discoloration like this on a cpu would be a certain sign of a fried chip, but I'm not sure if the same applies to ram pins? Is slight (& uneven) discoloration like this normal/acceptable or is it a certain sign of a bad module?


Unfortunately, I can't test to see if it works or not as my system is already broken down as I prepare to replace the motherboard & rma the old one. But even after I rebuild with the new mobo, I'm reluctant to seat this module for testing as it could well be the part that caused the system failure in the first place.


What would you RAM experts advise? Should I open a RMA or not worry about it? Is it possible that a burnt out ram module could actually damage the motherboard, or am I likely safe to test it once I get my system rebuilt?



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are you running 4.7 24/7?

pushing things to the limit all the time can have repercussions ...

think of it as such

you have a souped up 700 hp car,would you redline it anytime its running?

not saying you are but just food for thought.

ram is usually the first piece of hardware to suffer from this...

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I run it at 4.6ghz 24/7 @1.32v (max load), always in offset mode so voltage drops to .8v at idle and ramps up as needed. VTT was set around 1.08v iirc. DRAM voltage was set manually (otherwise the bios tries to assign 1.65v, and mine are 1.5v modules). I hadn't benched or messed around with my oc settings for about 3 months.


Anyway, I opened a ticket with Corsair tech support. Thanks for your thoughts. :)

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