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Wrong Memory Frequency being reported


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Recently I bought Corsair Vengenance 8 Gb X 4 DDR3 - 2133 MHz RAMS for Asus Z97 Deluxe Board.


After installing, when I checked the BIOS, it displayed Memory Status as RAM running at 1333 MHZ.


See screenshot.




Even after enabling XMP, this does change.


Screenshot showing XMP Enabled :




Please help in resolving this.

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On your first shot it says XMP is disabled. On the second it shows you have enabled it. Make sure and save your bios settings before rebooting. If that still doesn't fix it and it shows XMP is enabled when you go back into the bios, manually insert all the values for your ram including the ram voltage!
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Pls. look at the DRAM Status which shows 1333 Mhz. I'm little uncomfortable after seeing this figure why it displays 1333 MHz when just above it, it is showing 2133 MHZ.




First shot was taken immadietly after installing the RAM on the Board.


Second shot was taken after XMP Enabled thru Onboard switch and saved the setting and after reboot.


Can you guide me on how to enter the details manually.

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