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Originally Posted by Rakksixx View Post
So I try this fix and nothing happens. Get the yellow exclamation mark saying not connected for my headset. Hit gear icon to update firmware "force update" and sits at 0% forever. If I unplug dongle I get the "demo" option where I can actually see my headset is charged at 45%. Plug it back in and exclamation comes back telling me headset not connected. Rinse. Repeat. Nada. Would be easier if you could just post a link to manually download the firmware. This bootloader thing obviously been an issue since 2015 since the original posted dated from then.
Ok I just had my headset go into bootloader mode and had the same problem. I was also getting the same results as the guys above me. I would follow the instructions posted and go to fimware up date and try to update my headset and it would just sit there and do nothing.

I saw an earlier post saying when they are in bootloader mode they are actually on.

So what I did was unplugged them and let them sit for 2 days letting them die completely.

Then came back here and followed the steps and it worked just fine...
What I did
1. Open Cue
2. Go to settings
3. Update firmware
4. When it asks to plug them in this is the first time I plugged them in! From letting them sit for 2 days.
5. The fireware actually went through and I got them back up and running.

So I am thinking the key is to let the battery go to 0%
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