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Vanefanel 11-23-2014 01:28 PM

Additional JSON-Language for programing keyboard colors
Hi everyone,

I am a huge fan of the RGB-keyboards and very interested in writing programs and animations.
When I started to handle my keyboard I'm was very sad about the windows program to write the color-animation.
So I decided to write my own program and define my own syntax to handle the color effects of my keyboard.

The solution is know in a first presentable state and I published it on github:

You can find it on .

The following code is an example rainbow fade program (Keys: “WASD”):

    "colorMixingRule": "OVERRIDE",
    "startAction" : "fromBlue",
    "rules": [
            "type": "HSVColorChange",
            "delay": 0,
            "startColor": "0000ffff",
            "endColor": "ffff00ff",
            "duration": 2500,
            "alias": "fromBlue",
            "keys": ["W","A","S","D"],
            "doAfter" :  ["toBlue"]
            "type": "HSVColorChange",
            "delay": 0,
            "startColor": "ffff00ff",
            "endColor": "0000ffff",
            "duration": 2500,
            "alias": "toBlue",
            "keys": ["W","A","S","D"],
            "doAfter" :  ["fromBlue"]

Here is an example of the animation:

In the future I plan to create more rules to make standard animations easier for everyone to use.
Currently only the settings of colors and color fading between to colors is implemented.
In the future I want to have standard rules for moving and or keydown events.

I hope this project will help some people to create more and better animations.


Edit: added link to youtube demo video

Skinlo 11-23-2014 09:38 PM

Good job, I'd be interested in seeing some more videos with different effects! :)

Vanefanel 11-24-2014 06:41 PM

Today i added the layout for englisch keyboards. You can start the program with an additional parameter to switch between germany (DE) or englisch (EN) K70RGB keys.

I haven't got an englisch keyboard, so i cannot test it.

On github is now a description of the first 3 color rules.

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