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  1. Hi, Anybody else having issues with initiating a return, I have gone to my order on the Corsair.com/eu website and clicked return only to be given a 404 page not found. Sending support a request for return of the item. I am told they will forward a message to a 3rd party company to initiate a repair. (Norway). The item is well within the 30 day return policy and there is no current repair for my System without a BIOS update but no guarantee this will come out and I am still within the 30 days return. How do I get Corsair to acknowledge a return request? Telephone conversation with system support got me through to web support return is now resolved.
  2. Thanks guys I have received the a200 but have problems along with many VR users with USB disconnects with B550 boards and others. AMD have now acknowledged a problem with the motherboards. Will Corsair be releasing the patch for AMD AGESA ComboAM4v2 for BIOS. This is a deal breaker for me on a VR headset, still having to use my i160 awaiting a fix for the a200.:sigh!: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-issuing-usb-fix-for-ryzen-chips-bios-patch-coming-in-early-april
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