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  1. Interesting how they are pretty much telling us to sit tight and wait for a fix. Just ignore the warnings. Well... I'd ignore the warnings if it were just simple warnings. But since my fans start blinking red every damn time, it's kind of hard to ignore..
  2. Already swapped out the hub once. This is the 2nd I'm on, both had the identical issues. I did not have too many devices hooked up. For the record, I have 1 exhaust fan at the back, 3 exhaust on the top and then 3 intake on the front and side. So that totals to 11. If you then add the CPU LCD screen, that's 12 in total. So in no possible way have I gone over the treshold of connected devices. Seeing how I already purchased a second hub and it's the same issue, the problem is clearly not on my end. And I am also done spending my money on new products when that clearly isn't the problem. Furthermore, if it was really a problem with my iCue LINK system hub then surely the issue would present itself on multiple ocassions. Not just when playing World of Warcraft and being absolutely fine in any other game? I'd also like to refer to this thread: Multiple people reporting on the same issue. Multiple people who have also already replaced their LINK system hub to no avail. Multiple people trying to figure out what could be causing this and not getting any further. Interestingly however is the comment added by JimmyJFly who actually managed to get a response from Corsair basically telling us to sit tight, ignore the overcurrent protection warnings and wait for an update to fix it. And just as I commented on that thread: It's kind of hard to ignore a warning if it comes along with flashing red fans. I'd ignore it if it was indeed just a simple warning like 2 versions ago... I'll work on that. First I have to see how to properly open a ticket because the last time I tried I remember giving up as I need actual serial numbers and I don't have them just laying around.
  3. Since I can't edit my previous post anymore: All I want is for it to work without me having to pull some weird tricks like the device enumaration setting. I want to get home, sit down at my PC and be able to play my favorite videogame on my incredibly expensive PC (that I am starting to regret now) without having to worry about how long it'll take before it gets messed up again. I want to enjoy my favorite game again without having to constantly worry or fear this time it might actually damage certain aspects of my PC. And it's super frustrating for Corsair (a brand of which I thought was good and reliable) to keep ruining this for me. Especially when, I assume most of us aren't rich, spent a LOT of our hard earned money on this.
  4. Well.. at first I thought since I only got the port 2 error, it could genuinely have something to do with the way I hooked up my devices. (Even though I think that's odd since it said before it can support up to 12 devices and I don't even have 12 connected). But once again I spoke too soon and I have the port 1 warning now as well. Which at this point I simply refuse to believe this is a fault on my end. I've checked and I've got 6 connected to port 1 and 5 to port 2. So I am not overdoing it on either. I really believe this is a false positive, as nothing out of the ordinary happens when I get these errors (except for the REALLY annoying red flashing of the RGB lighting). No temperatures going crazy high, nothing bad or damaging. I can however make the red flashing dissapear rather quickly by going to my iCue LINK system hub device settings and clicking the "device enumaration". That immediately makes it go away. But like I said before, it's only a small solution for a deeperlying issue. I've grown tired of unplugging my entire PC yet another time to take it apart and check whether stuff is correctly done or not. Because it is. I haven't connected too many devices to the system hub, I haven't connected all to just one port. It's done properly and the fault is not on my end. Corsair really need to start adressing this properly and work on something that finally fixes this once and for all for everyone experiencing the same issue. I am not alone when I say that I've spend hundreds, if not thousands, on Corsair products. Only for this stuff to happen is extremely dissapointing and infuriating at the same time. At this rate, if this crap doesn't get fixed soon, I am seriously considering RMA'ing my products and getting my damn money back. Because if it doesn't work as it should, I may as well buy some standard black or white fans without any RGB lighting to do the damn job of keeping my PC cooled. No need to spend the extra hundreds of euros on fancy Corsair stuff because of some RGB lighting that you don't get to enjoy anyway. Consider me really pissed off. Not only because it's not working properly, but also when googling this problem you can find topics of over 6 months ago where people describe the very same issue. And has it been solved? Nope. Do you want people to never buy a single Corsair product again because of horrible experiences? This is exactly how you cause that to happen.
  5. Spoke too soon... Although it took way longer for it to happen this time around.. it's back. Edit: When the red flashing starts, going to device settings of the link system hub and clicking device enumeration does reset the flashing and makes it go back to the original setting I had without having to shut down my PC. But that's just a bandaid for the wound.. The root of the problem itself has not been fixed.
  6. Spoke to soon... Today after playing WoW for about 2 hours it happend again. For some reason only port 2 has been giving me errors. Not port 1. But unfortunately this **** has not been fixed. Edit: When the red flashing starts, going to device settings of the link system hub and clicking device enumeration does reset the flashing and makes it go back to the original setting I had without having to shut down my PC. But that's just a bandaid for the wound.. The root of the problem itself has not been fixed.
  7. That's interesting as for me the new beta firmware seemed to fix it. Although I am still slightly scared I am speaking too soon. Then again, I don't have an ASUS motherboard. Mine is MSI.
  8. On the 1.6.x version I only had the warnings, nothing else. On 1.8.x I had the warnings + the red flashing of the fans. Both happening within 20 minutes of playing World of Warcraft. And for some reason only World of Warcraft, not on any other game I'd play. Last night after updating to 2.3.x I played World of Warcraft for about 3-4 hours and nothing happend. No warnings, no flashing, nothing. So far so good. Obviously I cannot guarantee it will work for you and solve all your problems. But for me it did.
  9. So far updating to the latest iCue LINK system Hub firmware (v2.3.427) seems to fix this problem. Installed the firmware after seeing the link in the other thread about the reduced brightness problem and I've been on World of Warcraft for over an hour now without a single problem.
  10. So far no overcurrent warnings or flashing red of the RGB lighting. Not even when I am trying to trigger it by playing WoW. Almost afraid to say this and jinx it.. but so far so good.
  11. Update went fine for me. Easy install, no weird things afterwards like lights not working or any errors. Now to test if it has also fixed the flashing red of the fans after 5-10 min of playing World of Warcraft....
  12. Will this also fix the flashing red of the fans? The port 1 and 2 overcurrent warnings? Edit: When trying to install the zipfile as firmware for the iCue LINK system hub, it says invalid firmware.
  13. But I still don't understand... How often do I need to click it? Do I need to click it before I go play a game, or once it's already flashing red? Or what is it exactly that you are doing? I found the option to click in my iCue. Clicked it. But not sure what it does or if I used it at the right timing??
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