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  1. No I'm in the reluctant position of taking a chance on another firmware update; I haven't had the issue in over a month. Do I chance it and update? Regardless, Corsair handled this so improperly that I don't know if I'll ever trust them again and absolutely won't be buying more corsair products in the future, nothing more advanced than a cooling fan, anyway. This was the crappiest runaround I've seen in a long, long time.
  2. Apologies for the delay in replying. Here is where my hardware is at.
  3. Since my last post about the issue, I still have NOT had the overcurrent warning/blinking red once. Again, all I've done is the latest firmware update and afterward did device enumeration. I have no idea if this is fixed or a fluke?
  4. Honestly, this is a great idea. It's better than nothing? I'll send an e-mail!
  5. Really, really disappointed in Corsair. Whether they come through or not at this point, I won't be buying Corsair products again. I just can't trust them and I'll make that clear with my wallet.
  6. I've seriously reconsidered purchasing Corsair in the future due to the way this was handled. I was a fanboy, this is disheartening.
  7. Several weeks ago I updated to the latest firmware and immediately after, performed device enumeration. I have not had the overcurrent warning since and have not experienced the brightness error. I'm playing the same games and using my system for the same tasks as I was before. Can I give anyone else any more info that may help?
  8. Can anyone recommend an actual way to escalate this for us all to follow? Corsair doesn't care about us posting in a forum they check once every 4 months; How do we contact customer service, obtain refunds, report issues, get service tickets or tracking data related to a case pertaining to the issue etc? Commenting and posting do nothing, Corsair doesn't seem to care enough to even communicate. What do we do now? This obviously isn't high on their priority list, it looks like we're on our own from the moment we purchase their products (I'm typing this as my system flashes red).
  9. Wow, this is just getting more and more hilarious by the day. I tried to update my firmware, the update just didn't complete? No error message, no issue... Just nothing. Progress bar finished and the app closed. Now, iCue isn't on my system, I can't uninstall, I can't repair and I can't run iCue. It just tells me 'The last version has been installed' when I try to run either the uninstaller or installer. I can't believe this. I'm stuck now, in limbo with no way to control the link 😄 This is so awesome, I'm so glad I spent this much money on this!
  10. So, I just got another warning for port 1 when there's NOTHING PLUGGED INTO PORT ONE. Are we seriously going to wait almost 4 months in between messages from Corsair? What are you doing to fix this? When can we expect an update that doesn't amount to 'we're working on it, sorry for not saying anything for almost 100 days'? Is this how I'm going to be treated after buying thousands of dollars in Corsair products when I have a legitimate problem?
  11. I understand that, but the reality is I still had to mess with my cooling ecosystem to get the entire system to stop flashing red and my iCue hub to clear the alert. Also, my iCue firmware that just won't update hasn't been addressed (I understand that it's a separate issue, but still..) Also, it took months for this thread and everyone affected in it just to be acknowledged; Who's to say the next time there's a significant error with my literally brand new hardware I won't have to wait over 3 months just to 'hear back' from the company that they're working on it? I know I'm being salty, here but do I not have a right to be? I spent a lot of money on this stuff, as did everyone else. It shouldn't have been ignored by Corsair, literally for months.
  12. Getting the same problem. Just built this system, overcurrent warning. Also, my firmware update just won't take? Every time I do the update and reboot, it says I have the same firmware update. I spent a lot of money on this hardware, Corsair case, AIO, 128 gigs of Ram, PSU, I wish I had known about these problems before spending over 2 thousand dollars on Corsair products... I'm not happy.
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