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  1. I cant even get my LCD to work at all. It either says 0 degress C or it has the red exclamation point the entire time. Regardless of reseating the connectors, lcd screen or draining the power out by unplugging the whole unit. Firmware updates of all sorts and software updates to icue and no avail. @Corsair Elito since you are an employee... what gives?
  2. I've had this issue for a long period that it never bothered me. But for whatever reason, as of lately, it's been bothering me and prompting me to research. Low and behold.... there are tons of claims with this LCD being funky. Not one thread has taken me to an actual issue/remediation. Appears to be a hit or miss thing. Did you get your unit replaced or what was the end resolution on this thread? @farshadatis
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