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  1. For anyone interested it turns out to be the commander unit, somehow lcd damaged it or something like that, used another commander unit and temps get back to show as before. Now I don't know where to find or buy this unit, units on website or amazon are different that this!
  2. Reinstalled the stock kit and seems lcd did something to cooler, coolant temp is still sub zero
  3. I posted at another thread but since I installed this lcd my coolant temp is showing negative values (usually around -8) and caused cpu overheating, luckily I noticed it and change sensor in icue to cpu package for now. I tried all those possible solutions but none of them worked so far. All have latest firmware, forces updated all of them, unplug and re-plugged everything, reseated lcd again but still is shows negative values. LCD is directly connected to my MB usb port (No splitter) Problem is it is showing negative values during the boot, so it's probably firmware or hardware issue.
  4. I was reading some posts on reddit with same issue, it seems these lcds might damage commander pro controller, not sure if it's true or not! I am waiting for corsair support to see what's their suggestion
  5. So does it mean is it a firmware issue since it's happening before OS?
  6. I had MSI Center and uninstalled it but nothing changed, also have MSI Afterburner. Should I uninstall that too?
  7. Is the sensor on lcd kit or AIO itself because I had this AIO and everything was working fine before
  8. Tried that multiple times, even reattached all cables and lcd but no luck. The strange thing is on first boot when I installed it, showed correct temp but after installing icue it started acting like this.
  9. No I don't have any of those monitoring tools, it also shows on hardware mode, so when system is booting up I see this temp
  10. Hey all, I just installed new lcd upgrade kit on H150i Elite Capellix and noticed that coolant temp sensor is stuck at -8 degrees all the time, had to change sensor to cpu cores because fans were not working. Tried to force firmware update and reinstalling icue but they didn't help. Is it hardware issue? Thanks
  11. Hey all, Sometimes my ironcalw losing wireless connection when PC waking up from sleep and all 3 dpi leds start blinking white. Tried updating firmware, resetting, clearing onboard memory, unplug and plugging wireless dongle but none of them helped. Only way is to connect the USB wire and initiate pairing again from icue. Any suggestions? Thanks
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