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  1. This Art guy sometimes sound like a bot, he completes ignore the fact that everybody already opened a ticket and Corsair wasn’t able to solve the issue! So isn’t about open ticket the problem, is a firmware problem that Corsair is completely unable to solve and simply doesn’t give us any update. I really regreat to buy this keyboard, I will never more spend money on “gaming” peripherals, I should have listened the tech YouTuber guys, never buy “gaming” products, they are all trash. I had to suffer by myself to understand it. Razer is equally trash, next time I will buy a keychron or anything similar. I have the iCue Nexus, K100, a lot of computer components from Corsair, the hardware it’s good, but the peripherals. Shame…..
  2. This is getting so embarrassing. “Hello guys, create a ticket for a problem that we don’t have any solution, but hey! We can send you a brand new faulty replacement!”
  3. We need some tech YouTubers shedding s light over it. Is unacceptable the lack of information and the time that the issue is taking to be solved. Maybe Linus Tech Tips or Gamer Nexus can make a video about it. It’s a shame.
  4. Thats exactly my point, please provide the link then we can just download a older firmware that is actually working! please.
  5. Art, Isnt about a ticket, is about all Corsair K100 keyboards, the issue started to happen months ago and still happening, if you roll back here on the answers we already did a lot of troubleshooting! Please, fix this firmware. or at least make available an older firmware for us.
  6. @Corsair Nick @Corsair Albert @Corsair Art @Corsair CHA-Ching When your flagship keyboard will be fixed? i just got the anoying freezing again! please, fix it!
  7. Corsair, I just left Razer due to poor after sales support, I exchanged all my equipment and you just leave us in the dark? Please, answer us! This firmware is a temporary solution? We need more information! Don’t make me dump Corsair too!
  8. someone updated to the latest firmware? since the last firmware brought us some issues, i will not upload untill we confirm the problem was fixed on this version.
  9. It’s hard since Corsair isn’t giving us any information. But what seems to be that the issue is related to the last firmware update, not the keyboard version itself. For now Corsair suspended all firmware updates via icue to K100, that’s why you don’t see any update. They are avoiding more people get stuck with a semi-working keyboard. The flagship one. Let’s hope they fix this or I will be returning mine too.
  10. it didnt worked here too. I will need to ask for a refund? this is below the acceptable. Please, share a older firmware.
  11. @Corsair Nickplease, post the older firmware! This keyboard is a amazing piece of art, but with this freezing is making us crazy! I don’t have any macros running, latest icue software, windows 10, nothing connected on k100 and now a icue nexus, same issue. I tried the lower spooling rate and didn’t change a thing. The only thing that help was the complete removal of icue from windows registry as a post here on support page. But it just increased the time between freezes. But it keeps happening. Please, send us the older firmware.
  12. +1 here with the same exact issue. K100 freezing at random after hours playing. I tried lower the spooling rate, no luck. Then i followed a tutorial to remove icue from registry and this helped to space the freezing. now i get it after maybe 4 hours of continue play. the keyboard has only 30 days. I saw too that corsair released a new firmware but the icue says it failed to update. my firmware here is the 1.11.39..... Please Corsair do something.
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