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  1. Not sure if you peeps are still having this issue, but thought I'd give an update on mine. For the past few months my Corsair One i164 (bought in April 2020) started experiencing exactly the same issues posted here. I notice that the NVMe was not showing in the BIOS, and also had constant BSOD. After updating the NVMe drivers, I stopped getting BSODs; however, it was replaced with constant freezes - the only way to get back to a working desktop was to do a hard reset, to then be greeted with another desktop freeze. Reading up a bit further I installed version 3 of the iCUE software and set the fan speed to Extreme; since doing this I have not had one freeze or BSOD. Currently 3 days of constant use (I use it for work and gaming) and counting. I found that my NVMe was idle and sitting at a temperature of 66c. After setting the fans on the extreme setting, they sit idle at around 44c. This leaves me to believe that it's not a problem with the NVMe drive, but a heating/air flow issue for the Corsair one desktops.
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