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  1. Hello everyone, I wanted to share how I fixed my WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR blue screen: this issue is most likely caused by the NVME SSD drive, and replacing it does fix the blue screen. I tried installing new firmware for the SSD, while that fixed the blue screen, the computer would freeze instead of blue screen, so that was not a fix. The freeze was gotten so bad that even after window reinstallation, the screen would freeze and I wouldn't be able to click on anything to even complete the window setup. I contacted corsair support about a month ago, and they were able to send me an replacement SSD in 2 weeks, I have just finished replacing it and reinstalling the window. So far everything has worked perfectly as designed. They sent me an identical drive but is produced this year in April rather than my old drive which was produced in 2019 November. The replacement process could be a bit frustration for first timers, but it is overall pretty easy to do. You can follow the instructions stated by the corsair employee above, and let me know if you have questions. Here are a couple tips in replacing your NVME: 1. After you open up the panel where your GPU is (the right side when the computer is facing you), the heatsink could be a bit frustration to hold on to while you unscrew the GPU (4 screws for the GPU), so it would not be a bad idea to buy yourself some new thermal paste so you could unscrew the heatsink before taking the GPU out. 2. watch out for the cables connected to the GPU fan when you are taking your GPU out. also remember to unplug the 3 displayport and 1 HDMI cable, 2 power cables, before taking your GPU out. The power cables were difficult to unplug, so use a flathead screwdriver to pry it loose first. 3. After taking your GPU out, the NVME is right there, and you just have to unscrew it and replace with a new one. I would recommend getting magnetic screwdrivers because some screws are in places where your fingers won't fit. 4. Have a 16gb usb stick for windows installation media, after getting installation media on your USB drive, plug that into your computer, and your computer should boot right into bios after you installed your NVME, and you just need to go to "boot option", and select UEFI USB Hard drive as your #1 boot drive and restart your computer. The rest of windows installation should be self-explanatory, but remember to go back to bios to switch back your samsung drive as your #1 boot drive after windows installation. Hopefully you guys were able to fix your computer like I do, and hopefully my computer does not die on me again in the near future.
  2. I am trying your method now, and will let you know if this fix my BSOD.
  3. Hi @mistacool I have the i165, i tried uninstalling icue before but it did not help. The same BSOD occured and is just currently waiting for my RMA to proceed.
  4. Do you have any updates as to confirming if replacing the boot SSD drive fix the issue?
  5. I have been facing constant BSOD for the past couple months, and I am just tiny bit relived that this is not only happening to me. The Blue screen happened about 3 times a week initially, and later it eventually start to blue screen as soon as the computer boot. I have tried almost everything. Here are a list of errors I was experiencing: 1. There was bios looping where I was kept on booting into the bios and could not boot into windows. 2. After I boot into Windows, the system does not recognize any of my mouse click but registered keyboard completely fine. I switched mouse and the same issue persisted. 3. The computer randomly shuts off to a black screen and restarts immediately with no error code. And this could repeat for multiple times. 4. Blue screen of death. Error code includes: kernel mode trap, whea_uncorrectable_error. Solutions I have tried so far: (none has worked) 1. Reverting windows update. Some people were getting blue screen because of the April windows update, but it was not the cause of my issue as my pc was erroring since mid March and reverting the update did not fix the blue screen. 2. Updating gpu drivers. 3. Uninstalled Valorant and it’s anti-cheat (vanguard). Did not fix the issue. 4. unplugging the power cord and reconnect the PC. It worked initially and the PC would be fine for a day or two, but eventually the blue screen appears more frequently and this method is no longer feasible. 5. Cleaning the dust off the chassis. 6. Clean windows OS reset. The blue screen still occurred without installing any application. More recently towards the end of august 2021, the corsair support send me this link: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/fix-whea-uncorrectable-error-windows-10/ But none of these worked. I have sent this PC back for repair once already, and it took them 2 months to tell me that they could not reproduce the BSOD. So they sent the PC back, and guess what, the BSOD happened again. At this point, I am starting to think corsair is using some cheap hardware that is causing this BSOD to all of us, and it is honestly disgusting how this issue has not been addressed yet. I guess I will send this PC back again and pray for a miracle.
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