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  1. The NVMe drive is connected and being used as my (D:) drive so it's possible the heat issue is still affecting it, though there should not have been much R/W ops going through it. What's weird is that this seems to happen even when my system is practically at idle. Running high fidelity games this error seems to almost never happen Not very high temps being recorded in logs around time of BSOD but perhaps it's not polling frequently enough.. Could be some freak bg process that spikes CPU before the fans can get to a high enough RPM? I have no idea. Also yes same BSOD, and 95% of times I boot into BIOS NVMe drive is not detected.
  2. Posted about this in another thread: but I seem to be the only one with this issue. iCUE v4.15.153 is not detecting my PC as a connected device. Very unfortunate since it provided an easy way to control fan speed, which seems to be a promising solution to the BSOD errors reported in the above thread. Any fixes or other recommended fan control software would be much appreciated.
  3. Error has occurred for me again. I should reiterate that I am currently using a windows instance booted from a SATA connected SSD rather than NVMe. Happened while I left my computer alone for a bit to download a game. Logs around the time of the crash don't show any alarmingly high temperatures.
  4. Just an update on my situation: System has been pretty stable since my last post, no BSODs (yet), though current latest iCUE (v. 4.14.179) still can't detect the Corsair One. I'm no expert but this is leading me to believe that iCUE's fan control was conflicting with something, and perhaps causing the system to overheat / crash in combination with higher-than-avg ambient temperature. Part of me is tempted to install an older version and see if my system becomes detectable again and whether that triggers a BSOD, but I don't want to risk resetting Windows for the n-th time 😩 @wagagagaggag what version of iCUE are you running and what Corsair model do you have? Maybe try updating iCUE or uninstalling altogether and see if that improves anything? Best of luck 🙏
  5. I'm not fully convinced it's an NVME SSD specific issue. Having experienced the error on both 2.5" HDD as well as a replacement 2.5" SSD, and now getting errors with iCUE as well, I'm starting to think it is some conflict between Windows and iCUE firmware or drivers. Fresh Windows installs seem to work OK for only so long until it decides it wants to update. What's driving me nuts right now is that the latest version of iCUE can only pick up my keyboard, so I'm prevented from adjusting my system's fan speeds.
  6. I'm still getting this error while running on a brand new SSD. I am at a loss as to what the issue is and why it's happening. Also updated iCUE to latest version and it seems to not be able to detect the main system as a device anymore? It's still able to gather sensor data but I'm no longer able to change the Corsair One's RGB or fan settings. Really annoying.
  7. Having the same issue with i165 model. Started about 2 weeks ago. I did the same. Noticed that the crashes became less frequent, but still had crashes nonetheless. Similarly did not enjoy the speed decrease so swapped it with a samsung 870 today. Going to test it out for a bit today and see how it goes. Big thanks for sharing this. I also had trouble tracking down a teardown guide. Going to hold off on this approach for now but will keep it in mind. How long ago did you swap the SSD?
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