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  1. I changed the SSD to a Samsung 970 EVO a year ago and my i164 has worked without any blue screens for a long time. However late in July this year, the BIOS suddenly stopped recognizing the SSD from time to time after reboots. I have now installed a new Samsung 980 Pro with a Heatsink and I see that the temperature reported by Samsung Magician is much lower than before. For the 970 EVO the temperature almost always was above 60°C. Now for the 980 Pro with a heatsink it is mostly below 50°C. Hopefully this will make the SSD last longer.
  2. No - The computer has been working perfectly. The SSD temperature is mostly at 59℃ - I have configured the lower bound of the fan speed to be 1000 rpm.
  3. I use Samsung Magician - You can download it here: https://www.samsung.com/semiconductor/minisite/ssd/download/tools/
  4. My M.2 SSD has a temp of approximately 58-62C when I have low disk activity. Please note that I am currently using a Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB - not the Samsung PM981 (MZ-VLB1T00) that came with my Corsair One i164.
  5. That is why I have changed the cooling presents in iCUE - The default setting leads to high SSD temperatures that I guess will shorten the SSD lifetime. I recommend setting a custom cooling presents with a fixed speed of 65%. The fixed speed is actually not fixed. If necessary the fan will still go to higher speed automatically. The fixed value indicates the lower bound.
  6. In the Corsair One i164 there is a 1TB Samsung PM981 (MZ-VLB1T00)
  7. I have replaced the SSD in my i164 with this one: I have had no problems for 2 months now. However I will recommend setting the iCUE cooling presets to 65% to keep the drive temperature below 60°C for most of the time. I agree with @zero_scriptsthat this probably is a heating/air flow issue.
  8. Such high drive temperatures indicates that something is wrong. Have you by any change disabled the iCUE application? As far as I know the iCUE application needs to run to get the main fan running.
  9. I installed the Samsung driver after hancui97's recommendations. I also installed Samsung Magician to monitor the temperature of the SSD. This is what I found when testing different iCUE (v4.14.179) cooling presets : iCUE Cooling presets SSD Temperature (°C) default 72 Fixed 58% 63 Fixed 75% 55 This is under relatively low disk activity and with very low GPU activity. According to this article the Samsung SSD is designed to operate at temperatures ranging from 0°C to 70°C.
  10. It is now about 6 weeks since I replaced the SSD and I have not got any BSODs. I have used the computer approximately 8 hours 5 days a week - But I guess that I have to use the computer for more than 18 months to sure if the replacement has fixed the issue or not.
  11. The replacement drive should be a M.2 drive looking like this: The real size of the SSD is approximately 8cm x 2cm.
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