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  1. Make sure you have the most recent version of Argus. Menu --> Stability --> check "Corsair AIO and fan controller support" Then go to Menu --> Mainboard / Fans. From the dropdown in the upper left, select Corsair. Then check the box next to "show" edit -make sure iCue is completely closed and/or uninstalled. You can't have both running at the same time. You will lose RGB control.
  2. Nope, it's been almost half a year apparently. Just return it and move on to any of the other reputable coolers out there.
  3. I signed up for this forum specifically for this issue. I've built several computers over the last 12 months, all with various AIOs. My Nephew wanted to go the Corsair route, so I set him up with the 220T case and this Capellix AIO. I ordered from Amazon and am an avid review-reader. Not one single review mentioned this ridiculous minimum pump speed of 2200 rpms and the annoying sound associated with it. Maybe Corsair scrubs the Amazon reviews or something. Once I heard this sound and realized I couldn't adjust it any lower with iCue, I did a google search specifically about pump noise and all of these forum posts came up. There is a way to lower the pump speed with Argus, but then you lose all of the iCue lighting control. Since Argus can lower the speed, that means iCue could be set up to do the same. Please make this happen. If not, it's getting returned and I'll stick with NZXT or pretty much any other AIO for all future builds, and I build a lot for people.
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