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  1. Can you take a video, and show it to us. That would be helpful. Please include all 3 pump speeds and turn off your other fans. I am sure you are using all latest Corsair products so it should be easy to do using Icue. There are a lot of complaints regarding Coolit pump on the net including the capellix. I don’t think this many people would complain if the pump is truly silent especially if you are running open bench. If it really is defective some of us can submit for RMA. I really don’t think a pump running at 2300 rpm can be silent.
  2. I have philips hue lights throughout the house. How do you apply the lighting effects to certain rooms only. I dont see anyway to disable rooms. thanks.
  3. we turn off the fans to see where the sound is coming from. This is how people test to see where this abnormal sound comes from. and it is also perfectly normal for some of our fans not to spin because we use 0 rpm feature. when certain temp conditions are met, our fans don't spin. The problem is the noise coming from this pump(coolit) is noticeably loud because it spins at such high speeds at lowest settings. And there is no way, this pump is 20 dba in a zero db sound floor when the pump spins at 2300 RPM. It makes meaningless difference in CPU temp with the speeds provided for each profile. There are a lot of complaints regarding Coolit pumps being loud because it spins too fast. This is where Asetek made improvements because earlier pump generation had noise issues as well. H150i Pro (Asetek Pump) 1100 RPM(quiet profile) - Silent from normal sitting distance of 2-3 feet. Capellix (Coolit) 2300 RPM (quiet profile) - Annoying and uncomfortable Noise. Not necessarily loud. I think the problem here is the design of the pump where the lowest speed it can go is 2300 RPM. 2300, 2600, 2800 RPM for each profile is stupid and makes no sense. we need wider range between each profile. this thread should for people who owns Capellix AIO and as seen there are people with the noise prolems with this pump. We need our opinions heard, so that Corsair can release a new firmware or improve their products in the future. I still have faith in Corsair, this is the reason why I did not return the Capellix which is sitting in the closet. I am using my old H150i Pro which is so quiet at both quiet and balanced profile.
  4. even with ICUE open, Corsair service and icue combined cpu usage is less than 2%. it seems to use same amount regardless of icue open or closed. I think it was slightly lower with last version when icue is closed. GPU utilization seems like it is based on which tab you are looking at. still very high gpu usage on tabs with lighting or graphs. no GPU usage on Home tab. previous version had high gpu usage regardless of the tab you were on. overall good improvement.
  5. new firmware may happen if enough people complain. I still have the Elite in my closet. however, even if they can lower the pump speed. I wonder how low it can go because the pump is made by Coolit which generally don't have low rpm modes. based on research on other AIOs in the market, AIOs with Coolit generally have very limited pump speed range and all have rpm of 2200-2300 for lowest speed and higher. examples of AIOS with wide range of pump speed . EK-AIO Elite(I think it is Asetek Pump. Not sure) : Pump Speed Range: 1000 - 3300 RPM ± 10% NZXT z73(Asetek Pump) : Pump Motor Speed & Power: 800 – 2,800 + 300 RPM, 12V DC, 0.3A H150i Pro (non xt) (Asetek Pump) : pump speed: 1100-2800 rpm (I am using this as of now, elite is in the closet) You might ask, why not just buy another brand? because I like to stay in one ecosystem and stay in iCue. I do not like using multiple software.
  6. according to corsair. that is the pump speed they intended with 200 rpm increment. 2300 rpm is a lot. if a fan spun at 2300 rpm, it would sound like a jet engine. the pump does not make a jet engine sound when set at 2300 rpm but it is considerably loud because I can hear it even when all of my fans are set at 800 rpm. A little noise such as humming is expected but rattling is not normal even though some say it is. everyone has different opinion on noise depending on what they use. some use fans that are dc(3pin static rpm) based and think type of noise normal some use pwm (4 pin) and set them up wrong and think unusual noise is normal if you are one of those that utilize fan controllers and fine tune everything to make your PC near silent, you will hear that pump noise. As for me, non of my fans spin at low temperatures while browsing or doing office work maintaining temperatures in the low to mid 40s. another thing i like to mention regarding what C-attack mentioned. "the pump speed range is very deliberately chosen" 2300 RPM 2500 PRM 2700 PRM for each profile. I don't think this was deliberately chosen, i think it is a limitation of the pump design. the range should be wider not by 200 rpm which makes no sense. Do you really think water temp would make any difference with 200 RPM? it should have been something like 1100-1300 rpm, 2000-2300 rpm and 2500-2800 rpm for each profile. clearly this is a design limitation for this particular brand of PUMP (Coolit) Example: EK-AIO(I think it is Asetek Pump. Not sure) : Pump Speed Range: 1000 - 3300 RPM ± 10% NZXT z73(Asetek Pump) : Pump Motor Speed & Power: 800 – 2,800 + 300 RPM, 12V DC, 0.3A Doesn't this sound like more appropriate range? I know Asetek has improved noise with each generation of their pump. this is the reason why asetek pumps can go as low as 1100 rpm and as high as 2800 rpm for H150i Pro(non xt). In my opinion this is the correct design. A customer has a choice to set the pump speed to appropriate level based on what they are doing whether browsing or gaming. with my H150i pro(non xt, xt uses coolit pump) which uses Asetek pump, I always left it at 1100 RPM even while gaming. My 8700k is overclocked to 5ghz all core and never saw temps going over 67(CPU temp) degrees even with pump spinning at 1100 rpm. I have owned lots of AIOs over time, and that H150i Pro had the quietest pump spinning at 1100 rpm, inaudible with case closed from 3 to 5 feet away. I am hoping Corsair would release new version of elite with wider range of pump speed because I love the Capellix leds and I would like to stay in one ecosystem. I really dont like a lot of software like aura, nzxt cam, icue etc.
  7. both xt and elite cappelix use Coolit pump which is loud. I own the cappelix and it is loud as the pump spins at 2300 rpm at lowest setting. I also own the H150i Pro (non xt). this one is very quiet, inaudible from 2 feet away as the pump spins at 1100 RPM(quiet profile). the pump is Asetek Brand. I took out Cappelix because I couldnt stand the noise.
  8. Refer to my post http://https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=201029 The pump on the elite spins at 2300 rpm at the lowest speed. I requested a firmware update to lower the pump speed(quiet profile). According to Corsair it is not possible but if enough people complain about the noise, Corsair may consider lowering the pump speed. It is way too loud for what they call low noise AIO Fans are excellent but not the pump. I wish they used Asetek pump instead of coolit pump. If you read amazon reviews there are fair amount reviews complaining about the noise. As for me, I removed the elite and installed my previous AIO 150i pro which uses Asetek. Quiet profile spins the pump at 1100 rpm and it is dead silent.
  9. There is very minor difference between each mode, because it is a only incremental by 200 rpm on the pump. I maybe more sensitive, because my old HI150i Pro (non xt) was dead silent at 1100 rpm(quiet) profile for the pump. I like silent PC when I do office work. I cant stand the hum. It also depends on how much ambient noise you have. I am surprised by the hardware limitation as well how it can not go any lower. However, I think they can lower it if there are enough complaints because I think elite is using exact same pump as Platinum (Coolit Pump). This Elite AIO is so new that not many own it. I do see some reddit posts regarding pump noise on elite. As for Platinum, corsair lowered the pump speed below 2k RPM via firmware https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=182257&highlight=corsair+platinum+pump&page=3due to complaints about the pump noise It looks like I did not link the correct forum post on the original post regarding lowering pump speed via firmware update for Platinum AIO. I have updated the link. I am still hoping that Corsair will lower the pump speed for quiet profile before my return period ends. If not I am going back to Corsair H150i Pro (non xt) but gonna miss the elite CAPELLIX Leds It is also a little disappointing because Corsair's LL, ML and QL fans are silent at low speeds. I also love their 0rpm on the RM1000i PSU. with the combination of (ql, ml, LL:(10 total) 0 rpm at low temps) fans, PSU(0 rpm rm1000i) and RTX 3090 FE (0 rpm at low temp). non of my fans spin at lower temps when Idle or doing light office work. My PC was silent before the upgrade to elite.
  10. hey thanks for your reply 1. My AIO is mounted horizontally at the top. I know there is no bubbles, because pump does not make gargling or rattling noise 2. Yes. H150i Pro RGB 360mm(I upgraded from this) is silent when set to quiet profile (1100RPM) 3. when H150i Pro RGB is set to balanced (2200RPM) you can hear the pump from normal sitting distance. The noise is similar to Elite Capelix pump at (2200-2300 rpm.). 4. If you look at my original post Platinum line received a firmware update which lowered the quiet profile to below 2000 rpm for the pump. I think users reported that it was lowered to 1700 rpm from 2300 rpm. 5. The noise from the pump can be annoying depending on ambient noise level in your room. I have a quiet office. and pump is the only thing I hear from my case, because when my rig is idling or doing office work none of my 10 fans spin. Even when fans are on, I still only hear the pump. my fans run between 300-700 rpm depending on fan type (3 ML pro from AIO (300rpm) 4LL (700 RPM) 3 QL (600 RPM)) at the lowest speed
  11. I am not sure how that is going to work out. but it is worth a try. in the end I created 3 lighting channels. one for the elite AIO(all same type of fans + the pump), one for 4 LL fans and lastly the 3 QL fans because each fan type has different amount of Leds and may have different lightning effects, for example, QL fans have more effects than LL fans. they may not run properly when running different types of fans on single led channel but I maybe wrong. before I upgraded to the new o11 dynamic xl case and H150I elite Capellix, I had 500D RGB SE, and H150i pro. and I ran everything though commander pro. in the 500d RGB SE, I had 3 ML, and 6 LL Fans. just remember each fan has a led cable and a fan cable. Good luck to you and enjoy your new build
  12. I am using 3 ML Pro RGB (from the elite 360 AIO) 3 QL 4 LL 1 Commander Pro 1 Commander Core (from the elite 360 AIO) 2 RGB LED HUBS Commander Pro - 4 LL Fans + 3 QL Fans (2 of the LL fans using Y Splitter to single port on coPro) Commander Core - 3 ML Fans 1st RGB LED HUB - 4 LL Fans. 2nd RGB LED HUB - 3 QL Fans 1st RGB LED Hub connect to commander pro via led channel 1 (4 LL fans) 2nd RGB LED Hub connect to commander pro via led channel 2 (3 QL fans) For your case, I don't think you can mix ML and LL fans on the commander core for the LED (accepts both led cables and fan cables) but I maybe wrong.
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