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  1. NZXT Hub seems to have solved my issue.. already a week now
  2. 48 hours after installing NZXT hub. It has fixed the disconnect Corsair/Asus issue.
  3. 48 hours later NZXT seems to have solved the disconnecting issue. Should have went all out on NZXT products instead of Corsair.. lol smh
  4. Just installed the NZXT hub as well. Was a bit of a pain since I had to install a molex cable onto my PSU. It was all the way in the back but thankfully I was able to manage the install without disconnecting everything. Will post an update in a few days.
  5. Read through this thread.. Most of us had to resort to an additional USB hub. A lot of us have bought a NZXT USB hub. I'm waiting for mine to come in after a month of issues...
  6. Thanks for the updates. Guess I'm ordering it today. Shame on Corsair/Asus for this faultiness though. Glad we have some sort of "fix"
  7. Thanks for the update. I appreciate it. Doesn't make sense to me either which I was I was hesistant on ordering the additional USB Hub. Guess I'm ordering it since I'm getting sick of these disconnects which happen too many times on a daily basis.
  8. Keep us updated please. Going to order real soon as long as the NZXT seems to be a "fix" for now.
  9. Still good? If so I guess I'll be ordering the USB Hub. Are you still able to control everything on ICUE ?
  10. I've played with settings before and sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't. Keep us updated if it ever disconnects again.
  11. To be clear, you expierneced disconnecting again? smh
  12. Keep us updated! I wonder if we should be using different USB ports on the Motherboard. I remember having to think where to plug the AIO. Whether it belonged in the AIO Cooler USB or the CPU. I'm surprised this issue hasn't been fixed yet. I check Icue and Aura/Armoury Crate for updates on the daily... smh
  13. Considering buying one of these soon as it seems like Corsair hasn't stating anything about fixing this issue. Keep us updated! I'll give it 72 hours before we can safely say it's working!
  14. Interesting but I never shut down my computer and I still have the USB disconnects.
  15. Tried this without success. It's a shame that we have to look to buy a product elswhere in order to make this system work. So much Corsair in my build and I thought it would sync up beautifully. Smh
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