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  1. Support came back and said it's a hardware level issue and nothing they can do about it. So they are recommending the internal header.
  2. After 5 months and no fix from Corsair, i bit the bullet and bought the nzxt usb hub. issue went away immediately
  3. Don't replace the board lol its annoying and won't solve anything. I have't heard back from corsair since the original we need to figure it out in icue comment they gave me. So far the nzxt header works for most people. If you have the commander pro on the same usb as the mobo rgb you can disable usb disconnect sounds to make the noise go away.
  4. Latest update to my ticket. the icue devs are looking in to it. the asus prime pro has a unique usb chipset they say.
  5. Newest update: devs are looking in to it no eta.
  6. Early adapter issues to be honest. What internal hub are you connected to, left or right one? As i found (I believe its the left one) to only share with the mobo rgb and not reset everything under the moon.
  7. As per todays response from corsair they say its because the asus prime pro x570 has an "unique usb chipset"
  8. its 10000% an issue with asus prime pro x570 and commander pro. I have the same issue. I have replaced the commander pro twice and the mobo once. The issue is also present in safe mode with nothing else on.
  9. I hear the nxzt internal USB hub fixes the issue. Might look in to one of those as well.
  10. Nope been beating around the bush with a second tech now. Going over all the stuff from before.
  11. Yeah I have RMA'd 2 commanders and one motherboard. if your board is the asus prime pro throw the commander on the left usb bus on the board. only thing that should reset is the on board rgb and commander.
  12. In a shocking turn of events, the replacement does the same thing still.
  13. Update.. Corsair is sending me another device. They think maybe it was a bad batch. Will update once it's installed.
  14. I used event ghost to target the disconnect. Look for vid_1b1c pid_0c10.
  15. Nope, the corsair tech I had asked me to get a different mobo model O.o. Buttered, is your Mobo the MSI Z170A still thats listed in your specs?
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