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  1. Hi Nikitam, your GPU temp went down to 50C? Wow...mine still stay around 56C under full stress. Even though most of the time when I play WoW at near full setting it is only around 45-46C. I wonder if Noctua is better than Grizzly? What is your CPU temp under full stress?
  2. Thanks for all your help. Your advice was the key. By the way, I still have some left over thermal paste, how long can it be kept this way? Should I try to replace the thermal paste every now and then? Or should I do it only when it gets hot?
  3. Thanks, I tried it and it worked. I got the Thermal Grizzly before I saw your last post. Got it from Micro Center. Everything else I have to wait for a week. I want to play WoW Shadowland pre-patch, can't wait for a week. An hour ago, I replaced the GPU thermal paste first, I didn't do the CPU one, I went on to play WoW and changed to the highest setting and let my FPS max at 120. After playing in a group for about 30 mins, the GPU temp stay around 60C, it was 90C before the change. I wonder if 60C is normal? Anyway, it allows me to finish the game without hanging on me or causing artefacts. However, after 30 mins, the CPU temp reaches 100C, the Corsair case feels like burning, it couldn't even shut down I have to forcefully shut it down. In my 3 years of having this machine, I have never seen my Corsair One at 100C and the case feeling so hot. After it cools down, I replaced the CPU thermal paste and play WoW again, it peaked about 50-57C. I am not sure if my temperatures are normal, I wonder if Corsair can comment on it? I opened a ticket on the weekends, haven't hear back yet. Update: Two hours after replacing the thermal paste of the CPU and GPU, under max load, the CPU temp hover around 65-70C and the GPU stay around 56C at all time. I am certain this is the normal GPU temp, but I wonder if my CPU temp is too high? The coolant temp is around 58C.
  4. Thank you for the recommendations, between the two, which one works better? This is my first time pasting. Does these work for the CPU too? And how many gram of pasting should I get? I mean how much is needed?
  5. Thanks for reassuring, I saw that 4 screws. I think I can do it. By the way, what paste have you tried and worked well?
  6. Thanks. But this video doesn't help me. My problem is not doing the thermal pasting of the GPU itself, it is how to safely do it on the Corsair One, I hate to mess thing up. Do you happen to have a good thermal paste to recommend that will definitely work well with Corsair One? Meanwhile, still waiting for Corsair to reply my ticket.
  7. After multiple testing, I believe my problem is likely due to GPU pasting? Because it is always the GPU getting too hot, not the CPU. Is there any guide how to do GPU thermal pasting in a Corsair One
  8. I submitted a ticket, can you help me to bump it up, it is so painful I can't use the computer anymore.
  9. The artifacting is getting worse, it is happening every 10-15 mins now.
  10. If I have to paste to make it work like before, I will never a buy Corsair One again. My iMac 5K from 2014, the very first 5K imac still work beautifully without any problem and is actually my main driver since the Corsair One start giving me problem. My MacBook Pro from 2013 is the same, working very well without any issue. Before I got my Corsair One in Feb 2018, I used both of these to play games. It is so sad to see iMac and Macbook Pro are outlasting Corsair One by such a big margin.
  11. I don't know how to do pasting? Do I really have to do that? But the gpu getting hot out of no where and the fans speed being so high out of no where is annoying.
  12. Hi Nikitam, what you described is exactly what I am facing, in fact it seems getting worse by the day. Right now, even just browsing internet can cause the fan speed to go up to a very noisy level, even though the GPU or CPU are not even hot. I hope 1080Ti is not getting outdated this fast?
  13. I have owned this Corsair One Since Feb 2018, it is a 2017 model with 1080Ti and Intel i7-7700K. However, in the last 2 months, I noticed that it gets hot with the GPU temp easily reaching 90 while playing games. It never got hot before. I played Diablo III. It is because the PC is getting old? Or is there other reason I don't know?
  14. Thanks, it worked. Just curious, is Corsair Link necessary to make the PC function normally? Do I really need it?
  15. Where do I find Corsair Link to re-install?
  16. I can't update to Win 10 2004, I am not sure what to do? Can someone help? I have a Corsair from late 2017, 1080ti.
  17. I have a Corsair One I7 7700K 1080TI from late 2017. I am thinking about getting a 4K TV to be used as a monitor and TV at the same time. Any good recommendation?
  18. Just curious will the Corsair One Core i7 7700 1080Ti from late 2017 support this 6K monitor?
  19. I bought my Corsair One in early 2018, I have the i7-7700K 4.2GHz and 1080Ti. If I get a 2080Ti eGPU, will it work well with my Corsair? Thanks
  20. Yeah, when the battery ran out, it was connected to the USB 3, I have CUE, it came with the Corsair One, updated. When battery is out or very low, it wouldn't charge properly. The blue light cannot be turned on too. (on both CUE and the keyboard lightswitch) Also, I notice another problem. If I am using bluetooth as a mean to connect, then I charge it and left the USB cable plugged in and turned off the computer, when I turned it on again, there will be a green and blue light, indicating that it is charging and is using bluetooth, despite that there is a cable connecting to the Corsair One.
  21. That is what I was hoping. But mine didn't work when the battery ran out and I plugged the USB in. Even if the RBG work while USB is plugged in. After roughly about 2 years, which is where most battery start to decline, are you telling us to use it as a wired keyboard? I really think you all should start considering a program for replacing the battery for your customers. It is much better than making the customer buy another keyboard because the battery does not work. It is not environmental friendly, and a waste too. Please, seriously look into it. The design of this keyboard is beautiful and comfortable. Please don't let this keyboard becomes a waste just because of the battery.
  22. Hi Corsair Nick, Thanks for telling us that. This is actually a significant information, because it is not disclosed upfront for such an expensive keyboard. So after 2 years what are we suppose to do if the battery is dead? Please guide us here. Unless you are telling us to throw it away and buy a new one? Please keep in mind that if the battery is dead the blue light will not work too. I tested it when the battery is low, the blue light will not turn on even when it is actively being charged. Therefore without the battery this keyboard is a regular wired keyboard without any light.
  23. Dear Corsair: As this keyboard need to be charged every 2-3 days if it is used to play game as intended. I am curious to know what is the battery cycle of this keyboard? What happened if the battery cannot be fully charged anymore? A $20 keyboard can really last more than 10 years, or even 20. What will happen to this keyboard after the battery lifespan is out? Do you guys replace the battery for us? Why didn't you guy choose to design the keyboard with replaceable battery?
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