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  1. Nothing appears to suggest that that particular error is occurring. No information is provided by Windows at all as to why the update fails other than "Last failed install attempt on [date] - 0xc1900101. Also, I am not running Corsair Link anymore, I'm running iCUE. As I understand it, iCUE provides same functionality as Corsair Link - meaning if I have iCUE I don't need Corsair Link - is that right? Changing to iCUE seems to make no difference to the failure mode. However - I do have CPU-z (v1.93.0 dated August 2020) installed. So, I removed that, unplugged USB devices other than mouse and keyboard, repeated the install of Win10 2004 and it still fails. All failures occur at about the same point - after the 2nd restart (the first restart is manually initiated, then the second is automatic) about as progress reaches 28%. At failure, the screen goes black, and the machine restarts, and large text reports that it's undoing changes etc.
  2. I have a Corsair One Pro s/n 0001194403951, BIOS vsn 4.C1. Windows update offers me Windows 10 version 2004. However, the update repeatedly fails, undoes changes made and leaves me on vsn 1909. The Windows Update History reports error 0xc1900101. The update has failed previously when I was running Corsair Link. I subsequently installed iCue, and then removed Corsair Link. A subsequent attempt at the Windows update failed in the same manner (same error code). How do I resolve this?
  3. See Ticket ID: #2000450530. Hoping to have had a response by now given system is unusable. thanks
  4. To close out this thread: - Corsair provided a replacement machine (rather than repair & return mine) which I received on 7 Feb 2019. - The Corsair person on this forum - Wootaru - was very helpful, but on the basis of my support experience, he (and I) were severely let down by a support process that appears to be quite under-resourced (very slow, lacking responsiveness) and prone to mistakes (such as sending me a box for return shipping of my unit, but with no shipping label or instructions.)
  5. Thank you for your help so far Corsair Wootaru and hoping for news on the repair tomorrow. Can you tell me where (what city) the repair actually happens?
  6. I see a ticket that I cannot add anything too. It is marked: "This incident cannot be reopened or updated. If you need further assistance, please submit a new question." I am on Live Chat now trying to resolve.
  7. There is only the one Ticket about this matter/PC. And Corsair seem to have closed it. What do I need to do to find out what has happened to my PC and when it will be returned to me?
  8. Can anyone in Corsair tell me what has happened to my Corsair one Pro shipped back to you 3 weeks ago for repair. Any why was the associated Ticket closed by Corsair prematurely? I request that my ticket be re-opened and remain open until I have received the machine back from repaired.
  9. I've had issues with Bluetooth "disappearing" from the system. It behaves as though the computer is not equipped with Bluetooth hardware. When his happens, I go to Device Manager, and find Bluetooth is only visible by viewing "hidden devices". The Device Status in Properties reads: "Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45) To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer." I have updated drivers (allowing Windows to find the driver online). I've previously tried downloading a Driver and using that. None of that makes any difference. Current Driver is: I have had success in recovering the situation by shutting down and removing the system power cord, re-inserting it, then starting up again. However, this is not effective at the moment. Update: I just tried the depowering process again, and Bluetooth is back! Any clues to what's going on here?
  10. I did finally manage to receive instructions for return of my machine to you for repair and I despatched it. UPS tracking shows that it was delivered to the destination on the shipping label (Taiwan) on Monday 14th January. Could I have an update on the repair status and likely return date please? I asked this question once on the Ticket (#821884) itself and received no useful information. Now that ticket will not accept any further input from me. Could the helpful Corsair person on this Thread please help. It's been 2 weeks - I need my computer back!
  11. I’ve not received any instructions on how to go about sending the machine back to you. There are no labels with the box that has been sent to me. See the Ticket where I was given the options for how to get the fault fixed. One option was to send the machine for repair. And I was told (in phone call) that the repair location was in the USA.
  12. Thanks. But still no more info received. Is there some particular situation causing major disruption to the support process over the last few weeks? Regards
  13. Thank you Michael. Also - I chose the repair option because I want my unit returned to me, with its C-Drive contents!, not another machine. My unit has a video card fault (“no video output”). Could you confirm I will get my machine back? Thanks
  14. I am just following the "basic" RMA process - yet it seems so hard..... First there are unexplained delays in getting Corsair responses to the ticket. I finally telephoned Support (from across the globe....) and got some assistance from support person "Drick D". I've now received a plain empty Cardboard box (also sent to me internationally!) but NO instructions on what to do with it, no return posting label, etc. I'm posting this here in the hope that it might trigger someone to look at my ticket.....
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