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  1. Thank you for looking into it! Please let me know if there is anything else I can test or otherwise do to help.
  2. I tried version 3 as well, with similar behavior. Regarding the profiles, both Extreme and Custom work in that the fan spins; with Extreme it seems to always be at 100%. With Custom, the fan spins, but it seems to be locked at the speed that I set, instead of treating that speed as a minimum - for example, if I set the fan to spin at 30%, it will never go over 30%, even if the system is under load and in danger of overheating. It's almost as if the fan control is not actually aware of the system temperature, though iCue itself seems to show the accurate CPU and GPU temperatures on the dashboard.
  3. That's what I tested - I completely uninstalled iCUE, including removing the Registry entries, rebooted the machine, and then started a game. The fan never spun until the system started to overheat.
  4. I am on 4.15.153. I tried uninstalling based on the instructions here, and rebooted. The fan does not spin until the system reaches the point of overheating, the front LEDs flash red, and the fan then ramps to 100%. Edited to add: After reinstalling, the fan does not respond to system heat. Even when setting a custom fan minimum, the fan spins at the selected speed and never goes over. It's as though iCue doesn't know the temperature of the system, but the dashboard shows CPU and GPU temperatures. Edited again to add: also, thank you for responding. I hope we can find a fix!
  5. Were you eventually able to make some change to get iCue to control the fan properly again?
  6. This afternoon I attempted to uninstall the 21H1 update, in the hopes that the original behavior would be restored. Unfortunately, that didn't work. I started a game and watched the CPU temperature climb well above 90 degrees C; at that point the fans went into "emergency mode", the lights flashed red, and the system cooled itself. As soon as the temps started to drop, the fan immediately dropped back to 0 RPMs. This is, obviously, really unfortunate. Right now I'm trying to manage the fans manually. This was a very expensive computer and I like(d) it a lot. I DO NOT want to return it, but I would really like to understand how to fix this issue.
  7. After being prompted to update to Windows 21H2 today, my brand-new a200 seems to have lost its ability to control its fans. When the fan control in iCue is set to "Default", which worked properly before the update, the fans now to not turn on until the system seems to believe the CPU or GPU are in danger of overheating, after which the fans are turned on to maximum; once the temps are out of the danger zone, the fan immediately ramps down to 0%. As you might expect, this leads to a sawtoothed temperature curve which I worry will be very unhealthy for the system. I can set a custom fan profile. The UI seems to indicate that custom profiles effectively define a minimum fan speed, and the system will ramp up fan speed when necessary. I do not find this to be the case - when the CPU or GPU are under load with the custom profile selected, the fans stay at the profile-defined minimum until again, the system becomes in danger of overheating. The only fan control that seems to work is the "extreme" profile, which is very loud. It's unclear to me whether this is a hardware issue, an iCue issue, a Windows issue, or some combination of all three, but my feeling, based on the fact that everything worked perfectly pre-Windows upgrade, is that this has something to do with either Windows or iCue. Has anyone else experienced this issue and been able to resolve it?
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