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  1. @Infernoken, thanks! I did not realise they were actually paired and tested like that, I think I will just buy a new kit when I have more free cash :laughing: Thanks :biggrin:
  2. Hi, I currently have this 2 x 8GB kit installed in my Asus Maximus Formula X: VENGEANCE® RGB 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3600MHz C18 Memory Kit" Part number CMR16GX4M2C3600C18. It seems to have been discontinued already! For the RGB PRO version? As I would like a matching kit, would I be ok to purchase another identical kit for my motherboard? VENGEANCE® RGB 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3600MHz C18 Memory Kit £234.99GBP This would make 4 x 8GB = 32GB RAM Any issues with this? Thanks
  3. Hi, Have a look at the links in Zottys post above, I'm not sure what type of LED's are in the LL fans. Also there are two lots of LED's so it needs more thinking about. I did notice this though which might be a problem: "15. LL RGB Fan's Have no Hardware Playback meaning they will not display Custom Profiles when iCue/LINK isn't running" The HD120 fans I have are working fine with Aura sync.
  4. Great info there on all the Molex types, if someone wants the quick and dirty method just use the original leads and cut and solder together :biggrin:
  5. Might have better luck if it was in english tbh: Google translate: Since 13.4.18 with the support on writing have also sent pictures to those but somehow I have the feeling you do not want to help. Have read here in the forum that one helps the customer to fix the damage and that one does not stand in the rain but I have the feeling that it is not so. The following happened: I just wanted to make my PC off that day because suddenly there was a bang and the lid of the part that is attached to the motherboard where CORSAIR is on it has flown off and water is distributed throughout the PC. Graphics card, motherboard, power supply, DDR 5 Ram and no idea where else in the PC and since I have my PC on such a car he has no feet under it so through these holes water has run on the carpet so the whole room stinks of the stuff , Had I decided last year for the H60 because the system is nice and quiet when cooling as such a big fan was probably a serious mistake I should have left my fan in it then I would not have this damage. All parts have been purchased from a computer parts shop and have been expertly installed there as well. I hope now someone can help me here.
  6. Hi there thenubfeeder, To confirm got this working fine on my Maximus x Formula, with just a single two wire lead. Just make sure that you're connecting it the the 5V addressable header on your motherboard for HD120 fans (not the 12V/G/R/B). Please double check it's correct as you may damage something. Check out my attached photo and diagram, using the original motherboard wires and soldering them together makes it impossible for me to connect it the wrong way. Note the 5V wire marked with the arrow is cut off inside the heatshrink. The wire goes from the RGB fan hub to the motherboard header in case that was not obvious. I have the Commander Pro but prefer the look of the Asus board synching all the RGB together, I might even connect the fans to the mobo and abandon the CP altogether! Good luck!
  7. Hi both, I ended up going for the H100i v2 on both my builds, it fits fine into the 450D case. The clearance was just enough for the Asus Maximux X Code to clear the VRM's, in fact there was not enough room to replace the H100i fans for the HD120's as they are slightly deeper. You could easily get away with a longer 360mm radiator if you don't need the top 5&1/4 bays (which can be removed). I needed a BDR drive so was stuck with the smaller 240mm radiator. Hope this helps!
  8. So the picture becomes a bit more clear to me after having a read here: http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showpost.php?p=886692&postcount=1 Specifically this section by CharixFox "The next bit of fun was getting into the control modules. Four screws on the hub and two on the button remote, both under the sticky pads. This contained the important information that strengthened some of my suspicions. The hub takes +5v and Ground from the SATA connector to power the controller and the LEDs. The remote has three wires going to the hub, so either it had to be using a digital signalling to logic hardware in the hub or the logic hardware had to be in the remote. Turns out it's in the remote. One ATMEL 2mbit EEPROM and an unmarked 8-pin processor chip work with 5V and Ground and have a single line out for the digital data signal. Each port on the hub has +5V and Ground, and then Data Out (from the hub to the fan) and Data In (From the fan to the hub so it can be passed to the next fan). The data signal from the remote is passed to Port 1 on the hub, then the Data In (I prefer to call Data Return) on the port is passed to the Data Out on the next port, and so on through all six. Pinout for the LED connector on the fan -WIRES TOWARDS YOU, CLIP FACING UP-: Ground Data Out Data Return +5V" So I am guessing just the "data in" cable could be needed from the motherboard header to the rgb fan controller... Another possible problem, each HD120 has 12 x LED's. My motherboard manual states a maximum of 60 addressable LED's per LED strip attached to each header. So would that mean a maximum of 5 x HD120 fans per header? Or doesn't this apply due to the connected rgb fan controller?
  9. Great post, I'm amazed there's not been a comment! I actually came across your video on youtube first. I have the same idea myself, but with an Asus motherboard which has a 5V addressable header (5V/Data/Ground). I've got 6 x HD120 fans and the rgb fan controller, so it should be a simple matter of cutting the cable from the rgb controller and connecting data and ground cables to the asus header (leaving 5V disconnected)? PS - I also have a Commander Pro, but like the idea of snychronizing the motherboard with the corsair case fans :)
  10. Hmm so I had earlier emailed Corsair support but it said it would be a couple of days which is why I posted here. The reply is: “Upon checking the specs of your desired case and cooler, it appears that the coolers radiator is a bit long. The H150i Pro has 393mm length and the case can only accommodate 360mm. If you are only going to install fans, then yes, it would fit. However, since the radiator is a bit long, you might get issues installing it.” So does the H150iPRO fit or not?
  11. Hi, I meant H150i PRO. Good to hear it will fit in the top and not impede motherboard 8 pin connections. Thanks Chris
  12. I'm looking to get a Corsair Obsidian 450D and install H150i cpu cooler, I heard there was some trouble with the H105 fitting? Maybe blocking the 8pin mobo connector? (Motherboard will be Asus Maximus Code X with 8700k cpu) Source Linus Tech Tips: (skip to 4:20) [ame] [/ame] Any ideas please?
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