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  1. Given you are having more problems than most (more than just disconnects) can you please list out what motherboard you are using along with how you have the cooler connected (i.e. Plugged directly into the motherboard or into a hub of some sort). What other software are you running along with iCUE (other MB software or hardware reporting programs if any). Would be a lot easier to help you trouble shoot your system.
  2. Corsair has them in stock on their website. They are not available in any retail stores separately.
  3. Depending on where you live there are some fans out there that meet the same dimensions. FrozenCPU.com has a few. LED ones though so dont know if that will work for you.
  4. Problem solution for what I did on behalf of those living in Turkey I want to explain in detail below. At least it might help others. The system has been working properly. System features Motherboard: MSI Z270 Gaming M7 Operating system: Windows 10 Pro Graphics: Asus GTX 750Ti Cooling system: H115i Platinum Firstly, this problem began to occur when the Corsair Link program and iCUE program were used together. So I installed the Revo Uninstaller program on the system. With this program I removed the latest versions of the iCUE software with the Corsair link program using advanced removal options from the system. I've erased and removed everything from this program to the registery settings. I also removed the Steam program through this program. Restart the system after these operations. Then enter the Control Panel / System / Device Manager settings, right-click on the parts of the system that are installed on the system, click on the driver, update the drivers and reboot the system. mode. In addition, a 3-pin single-cable part from the pump on the motherboard CPU fan writes. I saved the settings on a biosta. Then I found the version of iCUESetup_3.14.100_release.msi from the internet and installed it on the system. I have rebooted the iCUE software. asked whether I want to update the software. I made the upgrade here. I haven't had any problems for about a day. Spiral is in Rainbow mode and I am using it without any USB breakage. I hope somebody does it. Thank God I solved my problem.
  5. What MB and CPU do you have? Curious as to similarities the AMD users have when experiencing this issue.
  6. You should listen to the 2200 rpm version before asking for that. 36 dBa is loud. Unless you have your PC in another room or are deaf most people would never use them at that level.
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