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0001.1 Accessories in the Box


Here's what's in the little box of goodies in the 7000X. I'd guess that the Airflow is the same.

6 Velcro Straps: These are pretty nice straps, with a buckle on them. They are the same as the straps that are in the case already.

10 Zip Ties: Also known as "tweezers" in some parts of the Interwebs.

8 SSD Screws

18 Motherboard/Hard Drive Screws

8 Washers

20 Fan Screws

3 Large Standoffs: These are the same as the standoffs for the door in the back. I'm not entirely certain why you'd need three spares.

3 Rubber Caps for Large Standoffs: And three extra rubber caps to go with those large standoffs.

2 Vertical GPU Standoffs: These are used for the vertical positions closest to the motherboard, where you replace the expansion card slots. These aren't listed in the manual and are a little larger (with a standoff of 9 mm) than the motherboard standoffs. We'll see more of this later.

3 Motherboard Standoffs: standard motherboard standoffs, with a standoff of 6.5mm. You'll use these for the outermost vertical GPU brackets. Again, we'll see more of these later.

There's a manual too (not pictured). It's a pretty basic manual.

From the album:

DevBiker's Corsair 7000 Series Build Log and FAQ

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