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H100i - should I add "pull" to "push"?


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Hi gang,

New H100i user here, my first ever liquid cooled device. Built this new rig this past Monday and so far all is well - well at least well as it can be for me right now, as I am running Windows 8.1 and well the Link software does not yet work with it. So guess I am running the system at whatever it defaults to while I wait for Corsair to update the software to work in 8.1. ( not really keen on registry changes to get it to work).


Anyway, I mounted my rad and fans in the top of my new NZXT Phantom 820 case. The 2 included Corsair fans I mounted on top of the rad, going through the case bracket, and into the rad.


I have seen folks talk of a push/pull setup.

Would adding two fans at the bottom of the rad, for pull , increase efficiency much over how I have it set up now?

I think I am in pretty good shape so far, my 4820K core temps are running in the mid 20's in light duty, hottest I have seen them get is 40c so far very briefly when running some apps - have not done any heavy stress testing yet though.


Curious as to any thoughts on push/pull versus just push...




- Don

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by what you said i dont think its necessary in your case but if the fans wont interfere with ram or motherboard you wont have anything to lose except a few bucks on more fans :)

looks kinda tight though depending on the board.


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Thanks, yeah I am sure they would fit but might get a little crowded, right now the case is nice and wide open in there .

Just flew one of my fairly cpu intensive flight sims, highest still the cores got was 41c. And never heard the fans really spin up much if any at all can hardly hear them.


Think I will just leave well enough alone, thanks!

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