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Underclocking 1.65v memory (CMD32GX3M4A2400C10)


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I have a Sabertooth Z77 board with 3770k. I am planning to buy a set of 4 Dominator Platinums 2400MHz, 10-12-12-31, 1.65v memories (CMD32GX3M4A2400C10).


I only want to use the overclocked XMP setting in rare occasions, when I play games. Otherwise I want to underclock for less heat generation and less stress on the CPU due to higher than reference voltages.


My questions is that will this 1.65v RAM be able to run stable on 1.5v? Sure I will not use it on 2400 MHz. I am planning to aim to 1866Mhz, 9-10-9-27 (or 2000MHz, 10-11-10-30, both on 1.5v). I am targeting this speed and timing (1866 MHz) as I see that in the Platinum series this is the timing that is linked to the 1866 RAMs (CMD32GX3M4A1866C9). My logic is that if the 2400 is more expensive than the 1866, and it can run on higher speed, than it can also run at 1866, 9-10-9-27 on 1.5v. Am I correct here?


Will I able to do this? Please advise.


Many thanks.

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I have confirmed that with several Samsung based high end kits, mostly Dominator GT and Dominator Platinum (2133C9, 2400C9, 2666C10). The higher bins will do DDR3-1866 CL9 at or below 1.35V with very tight subs.


Thank you. This information is very useful, and I have just ordered the Platinum 32GB 2400C10 kit.

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