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Low Read/Write Corsair P256?


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I've noticed that the performance on my Corsair P256 SSD has decreased. I understand that it's to be expected, but I didn't expect a large decrease in a year's time.


I have the latest firmware, I'm running Windows 8.1 64-bit with only 1 partition. I've run ATTO and posted the screenshots below.


I've also followed the instructions on how to restore the SSD properly by secure erasing and then using Acronis to get my data back. None of this seems to be helping the read/write speeds at all.


P.S: I've also gone through the "How to Optimize your SSD Boot Drive" PDF on Corsair's site.




Thanks for any help that you folks can be to me. I'm a novice when it comes to SSD's, and I've tried to do my research before posting.

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As the SSD is an OS drive, i would expect the results to be a little lower due to background processes running in the background, etc.


You can try a different SATA data port and cable as well as drivers to see if that helps with speed. You can also try closing background running processes, e.g. Internet browsers, anti-virus, etc.


Sequential Read/Write

220 MB/s read / 180 MB/s write

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