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Help pls with installation of more Link products


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i have a h100i, an ax 860i psu and 2 x 8gb 2400 Mhz Dominator Platinum. My motherboard is an msi z87 mpower max.


is it possible to connect all 3 link products without the cooling/lighting node? Its clear for me that I can connect the h100i to the usb on the motherboard. I also know that I can connect the ax860i to the h100i. First problem I encounter is that the link cable of the ax 860i has a big and a small connector, but for attaching it to the h100i i would need two big connectors? what can I do here or have I overseen sth?


Second question would be how I can integrate my dominator platinum tomthat config without a link node? The memory has no link cables included :(


is there a solution to make that 3 components work without buying additional cable or expensive node?


thanks so much for your help!

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The small connector on the PSU cable will plug into the side of the H100i Pump next to the USB cable.


To my knowledge, the RAM is not displayed in Corsair LINK as such. The RAM temperature may be available from the motherboard, but I don't know it that is displayed by LINK for your motherboard.


I personally use one of the Temperature Probes on the Corsair Cooling Node (which I have attached via the Corsair Commander 2) to monitor the RAM temperature.



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thanks for the help guys. psu is connected :)


what i dont understand with the ram is that they have their own link plug, but seems to be off no use as u describe. the description on the hp is not vera clear for me, especially when viewing the picture




for what do people need this memory fan? i have already 2400 mhz dominator platinum and they run fine with their cooling header?!

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In order to use the AFP you would also need a compatible memory fan. That would be part number CMXAF or CMXAF2 along with # CMXAFPRO,

In addition to that you will need the cables that go from the memory modules to the AFP. Then you can monitor memory temps. The cable is part number CL-9011107-WW






To connect them you would hook a cable from the memory to the AFP, then from the AFP to the LINK Commander.

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