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Hello everyone,i was happy with my corsair h100 till i was having the pump grinding issue and the button to regulate the fans didn´t work either,so i dedided to use the rma.

i sent it by ups and the status is delivered but in the ticket they said to me that the unit is not there yet (sended on 23 oct and yesterday was delivered.)

another question is that i sent the unit in it´s box but without fans.....i know it´s my fault but i thought i only had to send the unit itself,hope this won´t cause a big problem because i already paid 20 euros to send it.


can anyone help me?.


pd: sorry for my bad english.

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If it was just received yesterday, chances are it's not been entered into their system yet. It can take 24hrs or so after it arrives. It may take another few days to finish processing your RMA and get your new one sent.


If you need an immediate update i would suggest calling CS and they would be able to help you on the spot.


Regarding the fans, chances are it will be fine. They will contact you through your support ticket if they need anything else from you.

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thanks,that maybe explain the person who is talking to me through the ticket told me the unit was not there yet.

and the fans i hope there will be a solution because i paid 20 euros to send the unit,i hope there will be no need to send them or in the other way the possibility to sent a unit without them because i am already using gente typhoon 1850.


p.d:thanks for replying.

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