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Should I update Force GT 120GB firmware 5.02 to 5.05?


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I have Force GT 120GB updated to 5.02 running on windows 7 and I still have blue screens (0x000000f4) at least once or twice per day when SSD is under heavy stress, like loading a game.


I did a research a year ago back when I still had an older version and updated to the 5.02 in hopes it will be more stable. It was more stable only until computer started loading lots of data.

Anyway, back then the conclusion is that there is a know problem with the controller that keeps disconnecting or loosing power under loading stress.


So, before I try updating to 5.05, I'd like to know if there are any improvements about this issue. If not, is there any change of this ever being fixed,

because the SSD was bought just for installing games on it and this SSD could never really serve that purpose.



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I bought this drive when they appeared on the market, so it's a while back. It's first FW was 1.3.3 and it was really unstable, blue screens in WinXP and Win7. There were some other series that had this problems confirmed, but not for the GT series.

But still my drive had very similar simptoms. I could never prove anything because you had to use your computer regularly to notice this, with FW 5.02 the stability improved a lot.


Not long ago I bought a game and installed it on the hard drive, and at least once a day I got blue screen, so I'm forced to have the game installed in HDD so the game runs normally but loads significantly slower. So I'm back to my problem again.


Oh about the drives... yes had installed WinXP, Win7 dozens of driver versions, 2 bios updates etc.


And to get to my original question... where are the change logs of FW 5.03, 5.04 and 5.05?

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