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Corsair Vengeance M65 has stopped working...


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I bought the mouse Corsair Vengeance M65 6 days ago, and it has been working as a charm until yesterday, when I suddenly heard the "unplugged" sound in Windows and the mouse died.


I've googled alot, tried everything from un-installing drivers, installed your M65 Firmware Update tool, restarted computer, unplugged/replugged the mouse... I've tried everything.


Now I just tried plugging it into my mothers computer, and it doesn't work there either.. is this a common defect, because when googling about this mouse I find tons of posts and pages saying they have similar problems with the exact same mouse?


I will be returning it back to the store, but I'm not interested in the same mouse (which I loved soooo much for 5 days, before it broke), to just experience the same issues a week after I get the new one.


Any experiences, thoughts or comments would be highly appreciated!




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