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AF120 and Cooling Node


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The Corsair Link Cooling Node, combined with the Dashboard software, will allow you to customize each and every fan in your system to adjust their RPM under conditions you specify. This provides you with unprecedented control over your system, either using manual settings or based on temperature zones within your system.


So I bought a corsair link kit thinking that it would let me customise the fans in my case, but it seems that it doesn't actually work with any DC fans. They just run at max speed. :mad:


I currently have 2 AF120 fans and they are stuck at 1600rpm. Any attempt to adjust them has zero effect. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is this just mis advertising on corsair's behalf. Their page implies that it works with PWM and DC fans equally as well.


Link v2.4.5065

FW: Commander: 2.0.6, Cooling Node: 1.1.12

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