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H110 vs H100i for 750d differences


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Trying to decide on either a H110 or a H100i for my 750d case. Any suggestion on which of the 2 i should pick? From the research i have done the difference i can tell between the 2 are


H110 has a thicker radiator and 140mm fans thinner tubing

H100i has link software, light and uses 120mm fans thicker tubing


Now looking at different website there are 2 things than come up performance wise


1) One thread i read says that the larger rad is better

2) Another thread said that sp120 fans will push more air thru a rad than sp140mm fans making rads with 1200 fans better


So what what do you all think? Not sure if one pump is stranger and more durable than the other. Any difference between the 2 i should know about? This will be my first water cooled(AIO) attempt.



Case Corsair 750d, Asus z87 deluxe, i7 4770k, Evga 760 ACX Corsair Vengeance Pro 16g

Thanks for any replies

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personally i would opt for the H110 as its just a pump without the link trainwreck although you will need to control your fans via your board or a seperate fan controller .

Also while checking the forums here and elsewhere note the amount of issues with the 100 as opposed to hardly any with the 110 ! .

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I saw some time ago that the h110 is about 2c to 3c cooler and this with a i7 3960X with the fans push, I think it was at oc3d, If you go heavy overclock, then I say H110 no overclock you go for thing you want or not, like link software or not, the looks of the cooler.

If you cooling a i7 4770K , these get very hot when you overclock them and I would say the H110.

You can always do push pull with the H110 and H100i, they are close with the temps, but some people needs those extra degrees from the H110 for pushing the cpu further.

Because you see more issues of the H100i is because that this one is selling alot, the H110 is not long on the market and doesn't have the selling rate of the H100i.

Also If Corsair sells like 1000 H100i every moth and only 100 H110 every moth, you see that from the 1000 people with a H100i some people can have a little problem, software or noisy pump, fans, from the H110 maybe a few would have a complain.

You can always read about the H100i issues online, but never over the H100i that never had issues, and those are more as you think.

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i would go with the h100i as cooling for both is comparable but with the h100i you have link control,contrary to what a few may say regarding having trouble with the link,for the most part its a good controlling system to use and much better than using m/b software to control fans by far...

also i agree with athlon,obvioulsly the h100i s

has sold much more so yes it will be better known in all aspects.

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