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Corsair Force F60 FW update via CD or USB


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Sorry, if there are threads already existing with this problem, but I havent found.


I have tried to install Win 7 on my new FM2-Mainboard MSI A85 E35 for several times, now. However it does not work out. The installation is very slowly and won't finish in hours. I tried two different FM2 MBs and two different DDR3-Ram-Kits so far. Thus, my conclusion, it is the SSD with old Firmware not running properly. I do not know the FW version, but must be older.


Thus, I need to install the new V2.4 firmware on my Corsair F60 SSD. Unfortunately, I only found the tool which can be started on WIn7 itself. How do I install Firmware from (bootable?) CD or USB before the Win-Installation?




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